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Why Is Patient-Focused Care Important In A Care Home?

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7 January 2021

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What is patient-focused care?

Patient-focused care is where the patient is put at the heart of their care, allowing them to make decisions and feel in control. It can create a positive, collaborative environment where patients feel valued and comfortable.

In a care home, patient-focused care can make residents feel like they really are at home, and their needs are a high-priority. This is also an important factor when it comes to CQC inspections, as it demonstrates your commitment to continuously improving your care home.

Why is it so beneficial?

Patient-focused care offers a personalised approach to care. It enables patients to take control of their futures and make more informed choices. Most importantly, it allows people to live more independent lives, free from generalised impersonal care.

Some institutions that do not offer patient-centred care take a regimented and depersonalised approach. This can offer very little choice for the patient, resulting in them not being able to shape their care to fit their personal needs.

Patient-centred care is advocated by disabled people and third sector organisations, becoming embedded in social care policy over recent years.

Listening to your patients

To offer outstanding care, it is important that you listen to your patients and encourage them to be actively involved in their care. You can do this in several ways, including having a residents meeting where you ask the group what they like, what they would like to change and what could be improved for them. This can be difficult in certain settings, so make sure you have other ways of involving patients in their care.

Other ways of implementing patient-focused care include involving the resident and their family in the care planning process, having a suggestions box and letting residents choose what activities they want to do.

Implementing changes

It is vital that you take patient feedback onboard and make positive changes in your care home.

Make sure that you tell patients about any changes, where you could keep a record of them on the wall for everyone to see, in a ‘you said, we did’ format. This can encourage more patients to get involved as they know their opinions matter.

You can also schedule in one-to-one time with patients and staff so they can engage in a positive discussion about their care.

What does the CQC say?

Regulation 9 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 states that people who are receiving a service are entitled to care or treatment that is personalised specifically for them. The regulation describes how providers must ensure each person receives appropriate person-centred care and treatment, based on an assessment of their needs and preferences.

Providers must make sure that decisions are made by those with the legal authority or responsibility to do so, but they must work within the requirements of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, which includes the duty to consult others such as carers, families and/or advocates where appropriate.

The CQC must refuse registration to any provider that cannot prove to a satisfactory level that complies with Regulation 9.

CQC guidance

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