The Natural Choice for Bespoke Healthcare Compliance

The Natural Choice for Bespoke Health and Social Care Compliance

Environmental Sustainability in Health and Social Care | Implementing the CQCs Guidelines

New CQC Framework Training Offerings:

For Providers, Managers and SLTs:

Our specialised training equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and digest the latest quality statements and new CQC inspection methodologies. Through interactive sessions conducted remotely via MS Teams, you’ll delve into:

  • New Quality Statements: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the updated quality statements and what they mean.
  • New Inspection Methodology: Explore the intricacies of the revised inspection methodology introduced by regulatory authorities.
  • The Six Types of Evidence: Understand the six types of evidence the CQC will review to assess compliance and excellence in service delivery.
  • Implications for Services: Understand the practical implications of these changes on your services and how to align your practices accordingly.


Our two-hour remote training sessions are designed to be engaging and informative and will support you and your team in the transition to the new CQC framework.

2 Hour Remote Training: £240 ex VAT

For Staff:

Empower your staff with the knowledge and confidence to adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape with our digestible training session. Our sessions are tailored to help staff members:

  • Quality Statements Overview: Familiarise themselves with the structure and content of the quality statements and how it impacts their role.
  • I and We Statements: Understand the ‘I’ and ‘We’ statements and their implications for service delivery, teamwork, and accountability.
  • Impact on Service Users: Understand how adherence to quality standards directly impacts the well-being and satisfaction of service users.

Our training sessions are designed to be informative, interactive, and engaging, providing staff with the knowledge to understand how changes may impact them.

1 Hour Remote Training: £120 ex VAT

Bespoke Training for Post-Mock Inspection Support

At Care 4 Quality, we recognise the importance of providing comprehensive support to sites and groups following mock inspections, ensuring that they are fully prepared to meet and exceed regulatory standards. Our tailored training sessions offer invaluable insights into:

  • Reviewing Quality Statements: Our experienced consultant will carry out a half-day interactive training session on the new CQC Framework, the quality statements and the ‘I’ and ‘We’ statements and what this means you your service/s specifically.
  • Understanding Mock Inspection Reports: We’ll guide you through the mock inspection reports generated for your service, highlighting key themes, trends, areas for improvement and highlighting excellent practice.


Addressing Queries: Our experts will address any queries or concerns you may have regarding the mock inspection process, report findings, or regulatory standards, providing clarity and actionable guidance.

Tailored Recommendations: Based on the findings of the mock inspection reports and our review of your service, we’ll provide personalised recommendations and strategies to strengthen your compliance efforts and improve service delivery.

Our training sessions are designed to be collaborative, informative, and results-driven, equipping you and your team with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate post-inspection challenges effectively.

Fee is £825 Ex VAT for 1 day session.

Our Happy Clients.

We're incredibly proud to help our clients become and remain compliant with the CQC.

We are passionate about supporting health and social care providers, helping them in achieving and maintaining CQC compliance. Here are just a few of the clients with whom we have the privilege to work with.

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