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What Are the Benefits of Arranging a Mock CQC Inspection?

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4 January 2021

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The best way to prepare for an actual CQC inspection is to organise a mock inspection with our team. Mock CQC inspections are a useful tool to help identify, analyse and record areas of good practices and non-complying practices within regulated care settings.

By following the same guidelines and principles of the CQC, detailed feedback can be generated to outline key findings from the mock inspection. They can also help you to attain the rating you deserve.

The inspection will be carried out using a suite of five Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) principles which can be bespoke to your care service provider.

The 5 SCREW questions asked for every Mock CQC Inspection are

  1. Is the service safe?
  2. Is it caring?
  3. Is it responsive?
  4. Is it effective?
  5. Is it well-led? 

Hear from the Experts

Our team is comprised of experienced CQC inspectors, GPs, an NHS Clinical Governance Director and CQC Registration Team Managers. This means that our mock inspections are carried out by one of our compliance experts, who will have in-depth knowledge and experience of your service area. Our experts will also be able to provide specific solutions that are tailored to address the issues, challenges and obligations of your care provider.

Beat the Nerves

Undertaking mock CQC inspections are a fantastic way to ensure staff members are familiar with the CQC inspection process. This helps to make it feel less daunting when it comes to undergoing an official visit, as it will help to build confidence and strength amongst staff members and management.

Tackling Any Issues Before Your Next CQC Visit

Your service will undergo a rigorous evaluation in line with the same standards that CQC will use, culminating in a publicly reported compliance visit. Audit visits can either be announced or unannounced depending on your preference.

The mock inspection itself mirrors the CQC inspection process, which will include interviews with staff and service users. It will also include a full compliance audit covering the five key questions that form the basis of your CQC rating.

Following the mock inspection, our team will produce a comprehensive report and action plan which will identify any potential breaches and suggested improvements. Working together, we can then resolve the issues we identified and maintain the improvements in the long term. Our inspection support will give you the confidence that your service meets all requirements.

Care homes that carry out frequent mock CQC inspections have been shown to provide higher standards relative to the regulated care standards set out by the CQC.



What Does a Mock CQC Inspection Involve?

Our Inspection Support includes:

  • A comprehensive series of audits, interviews and checks carried out by a compliance expert.
  • A full compliance audit covering the five SCREW questions (Is your service Safe, Caring, Responsive, Effective and Well-Led?) that form the basis of your CQC rating.
  • A report produced following the mock inspection which will identify any potential breaches, areas for improvement and an action plan.

We want to work with you to ensure you receive a personalised service that suits your needs. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and to arrange your mock CQC inspection.

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