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Registered Nurse Induction Booklet £13.50

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This Induction Booklet is designed to support in the Induction of Registered Nurses who are joining your team. The document will be available to download as a Word (editable) document and in a pdf format.

Regulation 18 of the Health & Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 states that staff must receive appropriate induction into the service in order to perform their role. This document works through the types of information that needs to be shared with Registered Nurses.

Induction training provides employees with a smooth entry into the organisation by providing them with the information they require to get started. The goals of induction training are in line with those of the wider induction process. These goals are to:

  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Address any new job concerns
  • Increase comfort level and feeling of belonging
  • Increase knowledge of the organisation and its procedures and policies
  • Share organisational values
  • Share job specific information
  • Ensure that the staff receiving induction have the necessary skills and competence to fulfil the expectations of the role.

In small organisations, the responsibility for carrying out the induction training usually rests with one person. In larger organisations, the responsibility is shared between managers, supervisors and human resources. In the case of both big and small organisations the employees and his/her, senior manager play a major role in inducting an employee.

Evidence of induction will be sought during CQC inspection by way of the physical, documented evidence and also by discussing induction processes with staff from all departments.


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