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Acute Care Plan E-Template Booklet £25.99

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The acute care plan template has been developed to support short term extra care needs.  Specifically focusing on assessment and ongoing monitoring the care plan commences by providing specific care assessments and risk management plan, which enables the development of a care plan that focuses on the persons care needs throughout this period.

To assist in the creation of this the template provides several assessments which will enable the user to be able to calculate risk, link them to the care plan and document ways of reducing the risk to support the persons outcomes.   These include:

  • Risk Assessments (Moving & Handling/Pressure Area Care)
  • Body Map
  • Bedrail Risk Assessment


To ensure the acute care plan works to its full potential it is key that specific monitoring tools are used and evaluated.  These optional charts enable in depth documentation and evaluation.  This enables the user to assess the persons current status and inform their decision making.   These include:

  • Fluid Chart
  • Food Chart
  • Bowel Chart
  • Behaviour Monitoring
  • NEWS Score & Interpretations
  • Pain Assessment Chart
  • Score/Assessment Tracker Chart


By completing monitoring tools that support the persons specific needs this will give information that enables decision making and sharing of information regarding the persons current status, such as when requesting a doctor’s visit/call.

The template also provides a variety of areas for documentation to be carried out regarding input from other professionals, such as the professionals input record.  Along with this there are also records which can be used by your own team such as the chef/cook input record.

The acute care plan is to be used on a short-term basis when the individual presents with specific symptoms or requires focused care delivery through a period of time.   Whilst no time limit is set on use the tool is for short term and is not to replace the full care plan on a long-term basis.   The aim is to give a period of monitoring and assessment to enable decision making and increased support throughout the period of time it is in use.   The template is there to benefit the person by supporting healthcare teams to evidence outcomes and inform decision making.

To print this in A3 size as designed please ensure your print settings in word are set to: A3, print on both sides and flip on the short edge, 2 pages per sheet and colour. If this still prints in A4 you may need to look into your printer properties settings and ensure your printer has not defaulted to A4.

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