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The Natural Choice for Bespoke Health and Social Care Compliance

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Being an Effective and Responsive Provider/Manager Training

This workshop can be delivered remotely in a half day via teams or in person at your service

A day that focuses on how to demonstrate your effectiveness and responsiveness as a Provider or Manager. Being responsive means that services are organised so that they meet people’s needs to enable best outcomes for people. In residential care this means that people get the care they need, are listened to and have their rights and diverse circumstances respected. This course will encompass how to build and evidence the effective and responsive systems and processes you need within your service to help showcase you as a Provider/Manager.  What role do the Provider visits play in the effective and responsiveness in the service? We will explore the two KLOE’s and look at the impact that they have on Safe and Well Led in terms of evidence and practice. The synergy between the Provider and Manager is vital in establishing a sound and transparent base for true effectiveness. What evidence is required to ensure compliance over these two vital areas of a care service? We will also look at how a truly responsive service can not only meet the needs of the people who are cared for but also look ‘out’ of the service at potential opportunities for diversification and increasing occupancy. There will be availability on the day to speak with C4Q experts who have up to date nationwide experience across the care sector.

  • Identify the role and responsibilities of the Manager and Provider.
  • Carry out a deep dive exercise which will encompass the effective and responsive Key Lines of Enquiry to get a true understanding of these key domains.
  • By looking at the systems that need to surround these two KLOE domains we will be able to evaluate if your current processes are the best they can be.
  • Explore key relationships with CQC, Service Users, Commissioners, Staff, Friends and Relatives along with the Multidisciplinary Healthcare team. We will look at ways to make these relationships positive and effective encouraging a responsive working relationship.
  • Recognise the importance of a positive working relationship between the Provider and the Manager. Carry out a reflective practice exercise that focuses on dovetailing the strengths and weaknesses of the Manager and Provider working relationship.
  • Gain an understanding of effective reporting and monitoring processes which will impact positive outcomes, effective staffing and responsive monitoring.
  • Developing a key knowledge of how to develop service diversification to have a positive impact on occupancy.



These courses are charged at £395 plus VAT for a half day remote workshop of £825 plus VAT for a full day in person training session at your service.

Please contact us to enquire further or book in.

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