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Build Your Own Monthly Package

This option allows you to tailor a bespoke service to your needs and pay on a monthly basis. You can create this plan and see your fee by following the four steps below:

Choose your service size and visit type

  • Under 20 Beds £799
  • 20 – 50 Beds £912
  • 50+ Beds £1049
  • 2 Day Mock Inspection £1824

Choose the frequency of visits you want over a 12-month period

Add any additional support requirements from the list below (or enquire for more support types)

  • 1 hr Phone call to cover action plan update and general support £75 (Inc VAT)
  • 1 hr General Support Call £75 (Inc VAT)
  • 6-week Manager Mentoring Programme £595 (Inc VAT
  • Any of our services listed on the website

Divide by 12 monthly instalments for your final monthly figure.

The above gives you a guide of estimated prices for your quote. To ensure you are building the package that fully meets your requirements, please contact Care 4 Quality to discuss.

We require the first 2 months payments up front to secure and schedule your package.

Please see the below some examples of how your final package may look:

Example A

An 18 bed Care Home requires a quarterly audit (i.e. four audits per year) at each home.

Care home audit for 18 bed home = £799

£799 x 4 quarterly audits = £3196

£3196 spread across 12 months with no additional fees = £266.33 per month

£266.33 would be your monthly fee

Example B

Care group A has 3 homes, each with 35 beds and requires a quarterly audit (i.e. four audits per year) at each home. One of the home managers also requires a monthly telephone call to cover their action plan.

Care home audit for 35 bed home = £912

£912 x 3 for all homes= £2736

£2736 x 4 quarterly audits = £10,944

£75 for a monthly phone call x 12 = £900

The audit fee of £10,944 plus the telephone support of £900 = £11,844 yearly support cost

£11,844 spread across 12 months with no additional fees = £987

£987 would be your monthly fee (£329 per care home)

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