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Medicines Management Policy £35

£35.00 Ex VAT


The purpose of this customisable Medicines Management Policy is to safeguard the best interests and wellbeing of clients accessing your services by setting out the practice to be followed and the responsibility of all concerned in relation to medication management and related tasks.

Clients who receive care at home are likely to be on regular medication, whether prescribed or purchased over the counter. While some clients being cared for at home may be able to manage their own medicine, this must be carefully assessed and monitored. Alternatively, some clients will require some degree of help, be it full assistance to manage their medication or simple reminders and prompts and this policy sets out the process by which you can aim to manage medication safely.

Medicine administration is a regulated activity under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) 2014.

Medicines support is any support that enables a client to manage their medicines. In practical terms, this covers:

  • prompting or reminding clients to take their medicines
  • helping clients remove medicines from packaging
  • administering some or all of a client’s medicines.

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