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Care 4 Quality.

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At Care 4 Quality, we are exceptionally proud of our industry-leading service and we are always delighted to share the stories of those we’ve supported. Each day we strive to improve our offering to clients and take every piece of feedback on board. Our 100% success in registering our clients with the CQC is only achieved through the dedication of our team and our drive to always enhance our service. The providers we work with come from across the healthcare sector, including private GPs, domiciliary care providers, care homes, radiologists, telemedicine, ophthalmologists, dentists, private clinics, plastic surgeries, cardiologists and many more – and no matter what healthcare service our clients provide, we are always on hand to support them with our CQC and compliance expertise.

Please read below some of our recent success stories.Contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can help your business.

Video Testimonials

Richard Ayokosok – Holistic Health Ltd

Sandeep Gakhal – KASE Care

Sameh Dimitri – Vein Solutions Ltd

Emma Lea – Minster Home Care

Dr. Shama Firdous – Dr. Shama Health Clinics

Our Happy Clients

I Contacted Care 4 Quality. for assistance with my CQC Registration. I explained the reason for my contact and Will, the advisor who discussed my needs and told me more about Care 4 Quality.’s support package, was very helpful. He quickly set up a meeting with Nita, my registration lead, who took me through the whole process in a nutshell or a “dummies guide” which is what I needed. Nita adapted quickly to my learning style and was always on board when I needed advice. We had a rocky journey due to my own personal problems, but she never gave up with me and kept checking in. My account was put on hold at no extra charge, and she was there the minute I was ready to continue. I also took the add on option of QPol Policies and Procedures which was a great decision. This took a huge amount of pressure off, especially as I am dyslexic, so to have someone word and type my policies for me but still to be involved in making them was brilliant. Nita not only got me through the complicated registration process but she also explained clearly why CQC was formed, the importance behind it and how the Key Lines Of Inquiry & Fundamental standards connect in – this was something I had no idea about previously. But now I can honestly say it all makes sense! Without hesitation I would recommend Care 4 Quality. to anyone starting up in the care sector, they have a lot of knowledge and previous experiences within the sector and that’s why it works.

Samantha Agca – Love & Care

“We are thrilled with the responsive, professional support we received from the team at Care 4 Quality.! We initially contacted Care 4 Quality. as we are a relatively new cosmetic clinic and were due our first inspection from the Care Quality Commission. The prospect of an inspection was daunting, and we recognised the value that a good rating can add to an organisation with regards to current and potential clients. From the outset, the Mock Inspection Team were highly informative and proactive. They clearly applied their backgrounds as former CQC inspectors and healthcare professionals to ensure we had a thorough insight of what to expect in the process. After in-depth consultation and preparation with the team, Alistair came to our clinic for a day to carry out a comprehensive mock inspection. On this day, Alistair was fantastic to work with- he was friendly and highly informative, going through the entire inspection and review procedure with us. After this, we received a full in-depth report of the mock inspection. This highlighted the areas where we were successful in meeting the CQC’s KLOE’s, provided an audit of our governance systems, and gave us focused, constructive feedback on areas for improvement. And just one week later when our real inspection took place, we were delighted to receive a ‘Good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission! Thanks so much to the team at Care 4 Quality. for your support and insight, which helped us to achieve this fantastic result. Your team were responsive and always on hand to answer our queries, and the support we received gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed to succeed in our CQC Inspection.”

Sally Coope – Evolve Medical

“When we decided to start our business, we had to shop around to see which compliance and policy writing company would be able to deliver what we needed. It is quite a daunting challenge to start a regulated business, so we needed to find a company that would be able to reassure us and guide us through the process. We did some scouting around and eventually came to Care 4 Quality., which in our opinion sounded credible, reliable and as though they were a company that knew what they were talking about. From the outset, we built a good rapport with the team and in particular, Imogen Huxford the Director of Clinical Operations. We had already developed a relationship with Care 4 Quality., but we needed to ask them for further support due to a setback from the CQC. In order to rectify our situation, we went back and forth with Imogen and the Care 4 Quality. team to create a list of policies that needed curating. Every time they created one, they would send it back to us to read and give our opinion on. The relationship we built with Care 4 Quality. meant that we could rely on their support if we needed help, which was crucial to us at that stage of our business. Imogen’s tone and manner of doing things was complimentary to us and her support, along with the whole team, makes me and my organisation particularly grateful.”

Richard Ayokosok – Holistic Health Ltd

“As soon as we approached Care 4 Quality. for advice and guidance in our registration with the Care Quality Commission, the team immediately made us feel supported in the process. Their knowledge, understanding and commitment have been an incredible asset in our journey. In addition, the bespoke policies and procedures they have produced for us have been exceptional and illustrate their incredible attention to detail. Within weeks of our initial conversation with Care 4 Quality., we had submitted our application and I’m really pleased to say that we’ve now had our registration application accepted by the Care Quality Commission. We simply couldn’t have arrived at this point without Care 4 Quality. and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

Rachel McGowan – Countrywide Supplies

“Along with the guidance of our Nominated Individual Dr Annelize Meyer, we began the challenging practice of registering with the CQC. The whole process was new for us and as a new Registered Manager, it has been a hell of a learning curve. Everyone at Care 4 Quality. are complete superstars and never too busy to answer silly questions or reassure me and even go the extra mile to check my risk assessments. They are wonderful and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Care 4 Quality. as a whole has given us support and they continue to deliver their support to us beyond registration. It was a big decision going with a company to help but I am so grateful, and it has been worth every effort.”

Olivia Robertson – Meyer Clinic

“When we approached Care 4 Quality., I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and genuine interest to support providers. We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Care 4 Quality. who have provided continuity for each of our managers throughout the process. Having two mock inspections a year at each of our sites has given us an invaluable safety net, which means we are fully prepared and confident when the real CQC inspections come round. After our mock inspections, we are given a feedback report which has been a saving grace for our provider. It offers constructive criticism and guidance to ensure that any pitfalls are ironed out within our service. These action plans are clear and effective and exactly what we need for the real inspections. The on-going relationship that All Care has built with Care 4 Quality. will remain in place for several years and we are excited to see what our provider can achieve thanks to their valuable support.”

Matt Hibberd – All Care

I am so pleased with Care 4 Quality. for the highly professional support they have provided. We are a non-medical and non-diagnostic private baby scanning company, and wanted to become CQC registered. When we saw just how complex and lengthy this process is, we came to Care 4 Quality. for support. After an initial call to establish exactly what bespoke support we need, they tailored their service and assigned us to the members of their team best suited to our needs. I was especially happy with the support from Natasha. We had a long, in-depth video call in which she went through our Policies and Procedures and together we updated to CQC Inspector requirements to support our successful registration. Natasha is clearly highly insightful in matters of compliance and CQC requirements around policies and procedures regulations, and the whole team have been highly professional and supportive throughout our registration process. We are now delighted to be successfully CQC registered and look forward to the future. I would recommend Care 4 Quality. to anyone looking to register their organisation with the CQC, as they are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive when it comes to this process.

Leann Dalton – Baby Scan and Beyond

Thanks to Care 4 Quality., I achieved something that I never thought was possible: my company, Hearology Ltd, has made its application for CQC registration! I honestly have no idea how we’d have done it without the help of Julie and Natasha from Care 4 Quality. – not, at any rate, without neglecting the running of the business in process. For anyone reading this wondering whether or not to employ one of the many consultants who offer CQC registration services, I’d draw attention to two parts of the process where the help of the caring experts at Care 4 Quality. is indispensable. 1) The first bit – getting one’s head around the task, organising and mobilising your team who are going to make the registration application. Because at that stage, it seems like such a daunting task – a task which, in our case, we didn’t even understand properly. So having the support of a team like Care 4 Quality. who’ve done this so many times before was necessary, at least in my case, to help stop my team from getting overwhelmed. 2) The last bit – going from it all being ‘nearly ready’ to receiving your registration application submission number. They say the last 20% takes as long as the first 80%, and they are right! This stage is challenging, but Care 4 Quality. did everything they could to make it as easy as possible for me to get my application over the line. I have used lots of consultants in my career but rarely have I felt as supported as I did by Julie and Natasha. I should also say the whole service was also outstanding value for money. I can’t thank Julie and Natasha enough, as well as the other team members at Care 4 Quality. who had an input in supporting our registration journey!

Laurence Coen – Hearology Ltd

<em>User of iBenchmark: our Leading Care 4 Quality. Software</em>: “iBenchmark has been an excellent Care 4 Quality. System for our Care Home, and we cannot recommend it enough to all providers. We have been using iBenchmark for over 2 years now, and it has significantly improved the efficiency of our governance and documentation processes. Ensuring you understand and remain up-to-date with the CQC’s complex requirements can be difficult – especially when you are busy caring for patients every day! We used to worry that we were falling behind on aspects of Compliance, and we relied on an overcomplicated paper filing system. The system’s training videos and Compliance dashboard mean we know exactly what is required to be compliant in line with the latest CQC expectations. We have also been able to go paper free, and now use iBenchmark as a single storage point for our policies and procedures, staff certificates, and other important documents. What is especially useful about the system is that it provides you with training and guidance about each specific Key Line of Enquiry under the 5 Key Questions. This means you know exactly what a CQC Inspector wants to see for each of their ‘prompts’, and can compile evidence to prove how you are meeting this when it’s time for inspection. This means our staff are filled with confidence when it comes to CQC inspections, as we see them as a chance to demonstrate our Compliance and good governance to inspectors. Ultimately, iBenchmark has improved our understanding and application of Care 4 Quality., as well as streamlining our documentation processes. Thanks to the system, we can dedicate ourselves to our residents with the peace of mind that we are meeting all CQC standards!”

Jane Davies – Hengoed Park Care Home

“Care 4 Quality. have been a saving grace on our journey to becoming registered with the Care Quality Commission. We found it difficult to navigate the CQC registration process at first, but the Care 4 Quality. team have supported us throughout with their expert advice, dedication, and unparalleled knowledge of the registration process. Their expertise and professionalism are clear from the moment you speak with them, and we knew right away they’d be the perfect fit for our organisation. The bespoke policies and procedures they produced for Headway Homes are impeccable and are tailored to the exact needs of our organisation. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Care 4 Quality. in the future.”

Henry Cobbina – Headway Support Homes

“Carers2U is a brand-new venture and we had no idea about the mountain there is to climb with CQC registration. We approached Care 4 Quality. last year and the onboarding process was extremely efficient and there was clear communication from all relevant members of the team throughout. They are all consummate professionals and when we had a query, the team were quick to communicate with us and rectify any issues we had. We also used Care 4 Quality. for our Registered Manager support, where they provided us with assistance about the process and made us feel extremely confident when it came to the real CQC interviews. Carers2U would not be in the position we are today without Care 4 Quality. and the team – I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional and dedicated registration process.”

Harjinder Lad – Carers2U

“We’ve been searching around for a firm that listens and produces bespoke solutions to negotiate the CQC minefield. Care 4 Quality. are the only service we’ve found that provides such a dedicated service. We’ve been really impressed by the team’s professionalism and understanding and we are excited to continue building on our relationship with the team. We look forward to working with Care 4 Quality. now and to see what the future holds for our provider.”

Hardwick Medical

We would like to say thank you to Care 4 Quality. for supporting our successful registration with the Care Quality Commission. After our initial consultation we were assigned Nita as our registration lead, who filled us with confidence that we would be supported throughout the process of CQC registration. Nita was fantastic, providing consistent support, reassurance, and professional guidance throughout the registration process. She is passionate about the work she is doing and you can sense she is doing it from the heart. She would even accommodate us after hours, as I was working myself and under a lot of pressure. I felt very supported and positively steered in the right direction by the whole company. In the time we spent with Nita we learned a lot, and by the time the interview came both myself (Registered Manager) and the Nominated Individual felt confident and well prepared. I admire Nita’s passion in her job and the relationship she builds with her clients. No words can ever explain how thankful we are to have been supported by our registration lead Nita alongside the rest of the Care 4 Quality. team. We would also like to say a special thank you to our Policies Lead, Emily, who also supported us throughout. We really appreciate the support and will definitely be referring our colleagues!

Evidence Wasarirevu – Day And Night Social Care

“As a new provider, we needed help to navigate the CQC registration process and make sense of the amount of work that needed to be done. We contacted Care 4 Quality. Ltd and they could not have been more helpful. The team are made up of specialists and former CQC inspectors, so we were confident we were in the right hands. They regularly contacted us to ensure we were on the right tracks and responded promptly to any queries. We were guided through the registration process and we comprehensively went through the documents we had to send to the CQC for approval. Everyone on the team has a keen eye for detail and ensured that we were fully confident in what we had submitted to the CQC. We also had assistance in preparing for the Registered Manager interview. We were given tips and mock interview questions so that we knew what to expect. I am proud to say that we are now successfully registered with the CQC as a new provider and it is all down to the hard work and commitment of Care 4 Quality. Ltd.”

Elizabeth Gaudin – The Carerooms

“We initially approached Care 4 Quality. to help us with our registration and we were very impressed with the team’s exceptional knowledge and dedication. They’re made up of clinical experts and it is extremely apparent that their industry knowledge is second-to-none. Along with help on our registration, we were also provided with a full suite of bespoke policies and help to prepare for our Registered Manager’s interview, both crucial for our successful registration. They dealt with any queries we had with the utmost professionalism and we always felt like we could ask whatever question we wanted. We want to say a big thank you to the team at Care 4 Quality., as they gave us the confidence and expertise to successful register our company with the CQC.”

Dr. Raghu Ramaiah – Aiconic Clinics

“We initially spoke with Care 4 Quality. earlier this year to help us register a new company with CQC. They were very flexible to the various changes that, as a company, we needed to make. Although the scope of the project changed along the way, the Care 4 Quality. team were very happy to change with us. The remit of our company is a little unusual in terms of CQC, but they were able to use their expertise to help us regardless. They have provided us with high quality advice, in a timely and professional way. As our company grows, we intend to carry on working with Care 4 Quality. to guide us though the complex processes that the CQC often require.”

Dr. Jaymin Patel – Hexarad

“At first, the CQC process seemed like an insurmountable mountain ahead of us, but after Care 4 Quality. prepared and supported us in the registration process, as well as kitting us out with a full suite of bespoke policies and procedure – that onerous task became an enjoyable learning exercise. We’ve enjoyed working with them at every step of the journey and thanks to them, we’re now successfully registered with the CQC. The Stadium Clinic has an exciting future ahead and we look forward to building on our relationship with Care 4 Quality..”

Dr. Damian Clark – The Stadium Clinic

“I approached Care 4 Quality. earlier this year to get support in registering Dr Roxy’s Clinic with the CQC. The team were keen to get started on my registration and this meant we could get it all turned around quite quickly. In terms of policies and procedures, the policies team were extremely helpful and dealt with any query I had with professionalism and efficiency. The whole process was very collaborative and I was consulted throughout the production of my policies. The team check with you regularly to ensure they bespoke your policies to the exact needs of your organisation, so I knew that the CQC would be satisfied that I had the right policies in place for my organisation. If I had any outstanding policies that I required, the team were quick to respond and produce them quickly, so I could focus on the set-up of my clinic. As well as the registration support and policies and procedures that I received, I was also provided with some support for my Registered Manager interview. This was particularly beneficial to me as I felt prepared and able to go into my interview, knowing that I had the advice and support from Care 4 Quality.. I am thankful to the team for helping with my successful registration and I hope to engage with their services for future support with my clinic.”

Dr Rokhsareh Elledge – Dr Roxy’s Clinic

“As a new healthcare provider, getting CQC registered and creating policies and procedures to meet the complex standards held by the CQC was daunting. It was clearly a time-consuming and difficult process, and one we knew we would benefit from support in. We chose to use Care 4 Quality. for this because from the outset, it was clear that they were a highly professional and knowledgeable team when it came to the Care Quality Commission and how to meet their standards. In fact, the thing that really stood out to us throughout the process was the depth and level of insight of this team. The full-time specialists at their organisation each add clear value, and their pool of experience and specialisms meant we were supported by the best expert in each stage of the process. We feel a smaller consultancy team would not have had the insight and understanding that this expert team did, which undoubtedly contributed to our success with the CQC. For instance, we required highly bespoked policies- these were reviewed by six specialists in the field before we submitted them. Following the excellent service we received from Care 4 Quality., Skylight Psychiatry Limited are now delighted to be CQC registered! I’d particularly like to thank Jayne and James from the policies team, who we worked especially closely with on several of our specialised policies and procedures. I really appreciate everything. Care 4 Quality. have been so flexible, responsive, and reassuring through the process.”

Dr Rejaul Islam – Skylight Psychiatry

“The thought of navigating CQC registration as a sole practitioner was extremely daunting and it was something that I knew I couldn’t manage on my own. I did a lot of research before choosing a company to assist me.  My clinic operates under a more unusual model to many and so being given access to a suite of generic policies was not going to work for me. I chose Care 4 Quality. because of their personalised and tailored approach and for their wealth of expertise in the field. From the start, the team assessed my needs and guided me through the whole process and helped me to address any issues that arose. Importantly, I was involved in every step so that I was familiar with all of the CQC’s requirements and the contents of my policies, something that was integral to my success at the interview stage. I chose to take up the offer of Registered Manager Support and can honestly say I would not have made it through this interview without the support from the team. The interview preparation was incredibly thorough, working through all of the KLOEs methodically and ensuring I understood all of the relevant legislation. I quickly realised that whilst I understand my business very well, I needed to be able to frame it in the context of what the CQC is looking for. Once the interview came, I felt calm and prepared and there were no nasty surprises. I received really positive feedback from my assessor who also commented on the high quality of all of the written information that I had provided. Anyone embarking on the registration process with the CQC knows that it is a difficult process and having Care 4 Quality. by my side gave me an invaluable source of support. I have completed this stage with a fantastic set of truly bespoke policies that are fit for my business and have learned vital skills to ensure that my clinic runs in compliance with the CQC regulation. I am now looking on towards my full inspection and have no hesitation in engaging support from Care 4 Quality. to assist me through this also. Thank you team!”

Dr Rebecca Poet – The Women’s Hormone Clinic

“I am extremely grateful to Care 4 Quality. for the assistance given to me with the process of registering our organisation with the Care Quality Commission. At a time when we were going through setting up our processes, I had actually underestimated the time and the effort required to do the CQC registration. I spoke to members of staff from various companies I shortlisted and from Care 4 Quality. I spoke to Greg. I found Greg to be very personable and very clear about the steps that the process would entail. After speaking to Greg, it was very clear that I was going to go with Care 4 Quality. and I’ve not regretted it at all. From the very beginning I was assigned someone who I had direct access to, Jayne Downey. Jayne held my hand through the process, through the forms that we needed to fill out and she asked me the right questions. She made what seemed a very tortuous process, very straightforward and I’m so grateful to Jayne. The other important part of the registration process is getting your policies together. As our service is an online only service, it was especially important to have policies that are bespoke and relevant to what we provide. They are not a replica of another organisation or another company’s policies, they specifically reflect the services that we offer. From the policies team, I worked closely with several staff, but Imogen in particular was extremely conscientious, very bright and really quick at getting back to me and responding to my queries. I found the entire process working with Care 4 Quality., very enjoyable and it’s not very often that I say that. I had a lot of support and I was happy that they listened to me, they listened to the vision for our company, and they incorporated this into our policies. They supported me right through from the very beginning until really the very end. I have no regrets whatsoever working with Care 4 Quality., I’m sure we’ll have a long-lasting relationship going forward and if anyone is looking for assistance with the CQC registration process, or any aspect of policies for their companies, look no further than Care 4 Quality..”

Dr Achmed Kamara – Dr to You UK Ltd

“Care 4 Quality. Ltd has been a saving grace for us as a new provider. We started Minster Home Care back in 2020 and finding the policies and documentation to register with the CQC was extremely daunting. We were impressed with the level of support we had with the team at Care 4 Quality. Ltd, as any time we had a query, they were happy to respond, exerting their specialist knowledge to help us throughout the process. When we found out that our CQC registration had been successful, we knew it would not have been possible without the support and guidance from the team at Care 4 Quality. Ltd. We also needed assistance finding a Registered Manager and the interview process that went with it. Thanks to the team who have extensive experience finding and liaising with potential candidates, we have found a Registered Manager who is a perfect fit for Minster Home Care. Thanks to them, we are now recruiting and training a whole team of staff, as well as formulating a place for the future and how Minster Home Care will expand within the coming years.”

Derek Ward – Minster Home Care

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of Care 4 Quality.. As soon as you pick up the phone to the Care 4 Quality. team, their enthusiasm and expertise in the field is clear to see. The team promptly responded to any queries we had and resolved any obstacles we encountered throughout the CQC registration process. They also produced immaculate bespoke policies and procedures for our service, getting to know us as a company and tailoring each policy to our service, which was a vital aspect of our registration process. Thanks to Care 4 Quality., we can proudly say that we have successfully registered with the CQC and look forward to building a lasting relationship with them.”

Cora Jay Maddock – Manchester Hair Restoration Clinic

“Our experience with Care 4 Quality. has been excellent. The team were very knowledgeable, understanding and proactive. We didn’t really know where to start with our registration process, so we contacted Care 4 Quality. to support us through it. As soon as we started working with the team, everything started to become much clearer. They clearly outlined which of our policies were transferable for CQC Registration, while also identifying the areas we needed to address. Our aim when we decided to work with Care 4 Quality. was to have our registration completed by May 2020 and I’m very pleased to say that we were able to fulfil this objective. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and guidance of the team at Care 4 Quality..”

Cathy – MAC PLC

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