As a nationwide health and social care consultancy we have been fortunate to gain a real overview of care services across the UK and the regulatory trends that are impacting on them. We were starting to see a shift in focus from the regulator and many commissioning local authorities around Providers understanding of overall governance of their care services.

This inspired us to develop one of our courses especially focussing on Regulation 17 – Good Governance and what this looks like in practice and how this can be achieved from both a Provider and management perspective. The course we have designed is practical, empowering, insightful and informative.

We will examine the underpinning Legislation and Regulation and how this guides quality systems and process. We will carry out a gap analysis of current systems within your service versus best practice examples. This will help you to build your governance framework that best fits your service. Documentation toolkits are also available. We will understand the key role of Provider visits, what these should look like, the documentation around these visits whilst building in improvement and sustainability planning system.

Interestingly, we have seen over the last couple of weeks an increase in the number of Providers who have been advised by either CQC or their local authority to attend Good Governance training. Our Good Governance course is fully certificated, and we have established very clear learning outcomes to ensure that every training session is of the highest standard and maximum benefit is achieved.

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