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Registered Manager Support

At Care 4 Quality. Ltd, we will help you prepare for the Registered Manager interview.

The interview process takes a lot of preparation and can sometimes be a daunting prospect. The Registered Manager must reassure the CQC that they are of good character, can perform their duties properly and have documents that reaffirm their suitability. It is vitally important that new providers find an exceptional Registered Manager with the correct experience and who is fully equipped for the interview, and the role.

What is a Registered Manager

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 states that all Care Quality Commission regulated providers must have a Registered Manager. This role is vitally important, as they oversee both the day-to-day management and help to deliver the long-term vision of the service – ensuring compliance across the entire organisation. This covers everything from delivering the care for clients, designing care plans for service users and the recruitment of staff. In essence, the role of the Registered Manager is to deliver the clinical and operational imperatives of your service and ensure that every aspect of the organisation complies with CQC regulations

The Registered Manager takes on the role of key contact when CQC need to make arrangements for an inspection, both beforehand and on the day. When they inspect, the CQC usually hold introductory and feedback sessions with the Registered Manager, so it is important they are familiar with the requirements of the inspection process.

Who can be my Registered Manager?

Given the importance of your Registered Manager within your care provider, it is essential to carefully consider who you appoint to the role. Registered Managers of regulated activities must have the necessary qualifications, skills and experience. Often, the Registered Manager will already be a partner within the business – who has the relevant experience within care to take on this role. However, in the majority of cases, those moving into the care sector need to find someone who has the experience to take on the role.

Preparing for the CQC Registered Manager Interview

Once your Registered Manager has applied for registration, they will receive a phone call from the CQC. The interview usually lasts around 30 minutes but can sometimes be longer.

The CQC Registered Manager interview is to ensure that providers are meeting needs because the regulated activities are carried out by an appropriate person. The Fundamental Standards are in place to ensure your provider is compliant with the requirements of the CQC and that the right person is carrying these out.

What questions could the CQC ask?

There are a number of questions that the CQC could ask in relation to the Registered Manager interview.

Here are a few example questions that could be asked in CQC Registered Manager interview:

  • Define your job role within the practice
  • How long have you worked at the practice for?
  • What do you understand your main responsibilities to be as a Registered Manager?
  • What do you understand to be your legal responsibility as a Registered Manager?
  • How does the practice provide safe services for children and vulnerable adults?
  • How does the practice ensure that it recruits suitable and qualified staff?
  • Have you seen the practice’s Statement of Purpose?

If you’re a new provider who needs guidance on the CQC Registered Manager interview, or an existing care provider who needs help to register an exceptional candidate to take them to the next level – we are on-hand to support. Our team of specialists at Care 4 Quality. Ltd will help you through the Registered Manager interview process to help you on your compliance journey.

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