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How to Prepare for a CQC Inspection

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26 January 2021

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The purpose of CQC inspections is to ensure that service-users are cared for in an effective and dignified way, whilst also supporting those offering care.

CQC inspections aren’t designed to catch people out, or to “name and shame” they’re designed to offer concrete suggestions for improvement, as well as to showcase what a provider has done well. The role of CQC is to help everyone have the best possible experience of care.

CQC inspection reports are made up of direct observation of people’s experience of the care being given, as well as conversations with caregiving teams and families of those living in a care environment.

How Can You Prepare for A CQC Inspection?

Although CQC visits are unannounced, there are various ways you can make sure you’re prepared for your inspection and be certain that you’re delivering care to the very best standard.

The best way to prepare for an actual CQC inspection is to organise a mock inspection with our team. Mock CQC inspections are a useful tool to help identify, analyse and record areas of good practices and non-complying practices within regulated care settings.

What Does a Mock CQC Inspection Involve?

Our Inspection Support includes:

  • A comprehensive series of audits, interviews and checks carried out by a compliance expert.
  • A full compliance audit covering the five SCREW questions (Is your service Safe, Caring, Responsive, Effective and Well-Led?) that form the basis of your CQC rating.
  • A report produced following the mock inspection which will identify any potential breaches, areas for improvement and an action plan.

By following the same guidelines and principles of the CQC, detailed feedback can be generated to outline key findings from the mock inspection. They can also help you to attain the rating you deserve.

The inspection will be carried out using a suite of five Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) principles which can be bespoke to your care service provider.

Other ways to help you prepare are:

• Read CQC guidelines to help Registered Managers and teams understand their responsibilities.
• Review any reports from previous inspections to be sure that areas for improvement have been actioned.
• Review the reports of similar service providers to understand what best practice looks like.
• Review your appraisal, training, and meeting programmes to be sure you’re offering the best support and development to every member of your team.
• Have the outcome for those needing care and support at the forefront of your reviews.
• Develop documentation, review and reporting systems that are easy to use and easy to action. All managers should be able to access these documents.
• Have regular conversations with your team about compliance and confidence.

A simple checklist and a solid understanding of the CQC inspections can help to provide consistent high-quality care.

We want to work with you to ensure you receive a personalised service that suits your needs. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and to arrange your mock CQC inspection.

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