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The Natural Choice for Bespoke Health and Social Care Compliance

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Why are bespoke policies and procedures so important?

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13 August 2020

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At Care 4 Quality., our Policies and Procedures are produced bespoke to the requirements of our clients. Simply put, this is a service that you won’t find anywhere else. While healthcare services may be able to purchase template documentation elsewhere, we are the only compliance organisation that produces your documentation from scratch – and tailors each policy to the specific requirements of your organisation.

Why are bespoke policies and procedures so important – does it really matter to the CQC?

Absolutely. The Care Quality Commission is rigorous in its approach to Policies and Procedures, as they are adamant that each piece of documentation should be specifically detailed on how each policy relates to the service at hand. This is especially important during your registration with the CQC and our Registration Support team work hand-in-hand with our expert clinical policy writers to ensure that each policy meets and exceeds the high standards of the CQC.

If we purchase template documentation, can we not just adapt it to our organisation ourselves?

This is, of course, a possibility. However, our bespoke Policies and Procedures follow the same pricing structure as the template documentation you could find elsewhere. Therefore, for the same cost you would be able to enlist our expert policy writers and drastically reduce the man-hours required to adapt each policy. Given the inevitable stress and pressure of registering with the CQC or with operating an existing provider – entrusting your documentation to our industry-leading clinical policy team is a simply a no-brainer.

We’ve had a full suite of policies and procedures in place for the past few years – will these still be compliant with CQC regulations?

As any healthcare provider will understand – compliance regulations are an ever-changing entity and these regular updates must be reflected in your policies and procedures. This is not only important in remaining complaint with the Care Quality Commission but also in the day-to-day operation of your organisation. Effectively implementing your Policies and Procedures is as important – and in some cases more important – than having them in place to begin with. Our team of compliance experts are also on hand to guide and support your organisation in the implementation of your documentation – either with Compliance Audits, Mock Inspections and Management Support.

If you have any queries regarding your policies and procedures, registering with the CQC or any of our other services – please get in touch.

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