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The CQC releases annual update on controlled medication and drug management

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6 August 2020

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The Care Quality Commission has released its annual report on the trends and data in prescribing controlled drugs across England. The Safer Management of Controlled Drugs update also provides information on key changes to legislation. Although the update primarily covers the 2019 calendar year, the report does factor the COVID-19 response into their recommendations.

The report makes three key recommendations – centring around the monitoring and advisory procedures around repeat prescriptions, ensuring the correct systems are in place for the mobilisation of controlled drugs and reiterating the importance of patient needs regarding end of life care.

The first of these recommendations highlights the need for both patients and staff to wholly understand the nature of the medicines that are being prescribed. This includes making people aware of the potential for dependency of some repeat prescriptions.

End of life care is another key component of the update, as the report states how the understanding surrounding the needs and wishes of patients at the end of their life requires more focus. Specifically, the report highlights the ‘inappropriateness’ of a blanket approach to decisions about end of life care.

In response to COVID-19, the need for local areas to be suitably prepared for the rapid and safe mobilisation of controlled drugs – particular those vital to end of life care – in the event of a future situation in which the health and care system experiences additional pressure.

At Care 4 Quality., our Mock Inspections and Compliance Audits help our clients highlight and address any issues with their drug management. Furthermore, if your service is involved with any medication or drug management, you will require the relevant Policies and Procedures that are needed to operate a compliant organisation.

If you have concerns over any aspect of controlling and managing your medication, our team are always available to support your organisation – if this is the case, please get in touch here.

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