How can Care 4 Quality support in complaints and other Care Home investigations?

We all expect care homes throughout the United Kingdom to provide client-centred services while adhering to only the highest of standards. However, there can be some instances when care homes fall short of the mark and in these circumstances,  it can be useful for an independent investigation to be carried out. Whist we appreciate that situations that require independent investigation can be challenging for a home they can also provide a tremendous learning opportunity by reflecting on what was done well and what could have been done better. Care 4 Quality specialises in helping care services by offering a number of bespoke services, which can be employed to support the home with complaints and independent investigations. We work diligently in order to investigate the situation thoroughly and with an independent eye, whilst identifying any lessons learnt.  Let us take a closer look.

Quarterly Compliance Visits and Mock Inspections

Care 4 Quality can provide quarterly compliance visits and mock inspections to a care home. These visits and inspections offer a greater level of insight in regards to how the home is performing and functioning. Such visits will address 5 key metrics including:

  • Is the service Safe?
  • Is the service Effective?
  • Is the service Caring?
  • Is the service Responsive?
  • Is the service Well Led?

We will then provide a detailed report and plan of action in accordance with the findings mentioned above. Other options include proactive telephone and email support as may be required. Please note that our pricing plans will vary in relation to the size of the home as well as whether or not home-based care plans are present. Please refer to our website for further details.

Targeted and Confidential Quality Assurance Surveys

Care 4 Quality also offers independent quality assurance surveys which are sent out to predetermined individuals. All staff will be invited to voluntarily participate in these quality assurance surveys and after an evaluation, the results and action plan will be returned to the care home. Care 4 Quality will never retain this proprietary information. The sessions are divided into four discrete questionnaires.

  • Professional feedback.
  • Questions intended for stakeholders.
  • Surveys for staff members.
  • Questions for relatives and/or residents of the facility.

Providing Bespoke Care Home Investigative Services

The professionals at Care 4 Quality appreciate the fact that compliance and patient-centred services should never represent static concepts. By offering proactive care service support and bespoke investigations, we will be able to determine the strengths of your home as well as any areas that could be improved. Investigations into complaints or accidents/incidents can be carried out on site or sometimes off site and a full report is provided that can often be useful when responding to complaints, accidents or Duty of Candour events. The ultimate goal is to be able to provide a greater quality of living for all residents, while simultaneously supplying staff members with targeted advice for future developments. If you would like to learn more, please contact Care 4 Quality and one of our consultants will explain how we can help your care home.

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