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Why the CQC’s Equality Objectives are Important to Healthcare Providers

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30 June 2021

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By CQC Inspections Lead, Gabi Ashton


In April 2019, the CQC launched their Equality Objectives for 2019-21.

As it is currently pride month, I on behalf of Care 4 Quality., want to highlight the importance of the CQC’s objectives and how these aims should be instilled throughout the culture of a provider.

Objective 1: Confident with difference: Person-centred care and equality

All of the research and evidence says person-centred care is essential in delivering good equality practice; but in order for this to become a reality, we need leaders who are open to understanding and celebrating equality and diversity.

In the CQC’s Equality Objectives for 2019-21 report, the CQC points to a study by Skills for Care, which “shows a lack of knowledge and confidence” of equality issues from “social care managers” is an issue, rather than “conscious discrimination.”

Here at Care 4 Quality., we want to ensure our staff are confident with difference so we can contribute towards supporting providers to meet this objective and ultimately ensure that people who are LGBT receive equally outstanding care.

Why Are the CQC’s Equality Objectives of Importance to Healthcare Providers?

Recently, one of our colleagues inspected a Domiciliary Care Agency and found that people’s sexual orientation was not recorded within their care records.

Furthermore, where people within the Agency were in LGBT relationships, but not living with their partner, their relationship was not as widely discussed as it was in heterosexual relationships.

The particular inspector in this case discussed their concerns with the provider and recommended that not only should equality data be captured, but also explored in detail.

The inspector also expressed that the voice of the person as well as their loved ones should be captured within all care records.

Final Thoughts

As the CQC Inspections Lead at Care 4 Quality., when I inspect a provider, I want to see the CQC’s Equality Objectives upheld within the practice.

Particularly as we come to the end of pride month, we want these standards upheld and evidenced throughout the rest of year.

It is important for us to remember that providers must deliver person-centred care for all people, including LGBT people and this is governed by the legislation that guides us all in Health and Social Care.

For more information, please find more information on the CQC’s website in reference to regulation 10 ‘Dignity and Respect’. to the ‘Health and Social Care Act 2008 Regulation 10: dignity and respect’.


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