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THE CQC'S NEW FRAMEWORK | Interpreting employee wellbeing and management statements

Webinar: Maintaining Standards of Care | Preparing for the New CQC Framework and Managing Staff Shortages

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15 July 2022

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We are delighted to be delivering this month’s webinar in collaboration with WorkNest: “Maintaining Standards of Care | Preparing for the New CQC Framework and Managing Staff Shortages”

This is taking place on Wednesday 20 July at 2:00 pm, and will be extremely beneficial to anyone working within the health and social care sectors in preparing for CQC changes.

You can register for the webinar today by clicking here.

Webinar details

With the independent regulator moving to a risk-based model, the frequency and format of CQC inspections – and the evidence providers are expected to present – is set to change from 2023.

Meanwhile, with staffing shortages plaguing the sector, providers must take steps to ensure a sparser workforce doesn’t negatively impact quality of care, safety, and staff performance.

Hosted by WorkNest’s Principal Employment Law Adviser and Solicitor, Toyah Marshall, Principal Health & Safety Consultant, Charles Spencer, and Former CQC Inspector from Care 4 Quality., Victoria Carey, the session will help you to:

  • Get clear on how the new CQC framework impacts your setting;
  • Adapt your current processes to meet the new requirements for inspections (including quality statements, evidence gathering and remote monitoring);
  • Tackle challenges surrounding underperformance within an already stretched team;
  • Reduce the likelihood of health and safety incidents occurring as a result of staff shortages by helping you to unpick what’s a legal requirement versus what’s a control measure so that you can ensure you’re following a risk-based approach.

Register now

Our hosts will be taking your questions at the end of the session; if you have a query regarding the new framework or a specific scenario you would like expert guidance on, please provide a brief overview via the registration form so that we can give it some thought in advance.

You can register for the webinar today by clicking here.

More resources

Changes in the CQC Assessment Framework and Inspection Methodology may feel daunting, but you can ensure you are prepared by remaining on top of regulatory changes and keeping educated on the changes.

For more information and resources on the changing CQC framework, please see this blog on Proactive Preparation for the New Strategy, which our webinar hosts will elaborate on extensively!  CQC New Strategy- Proactive Preparation – Care 4 Quality. (

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