The Natural Choice for Bespoke Healthcare Compliance

The Natural Choice for Bespoke Health and Social Care Compliance

MANAGING SICKNESS ABSENCE | strategies for compliance and wellbeing in health and social care

<em>User of iBenchmark: our Leading Care 4 Quality. Software</em>: “iBenchmark has been an excellent Care 4 Quality. System for our Care Home, and we cannot recommend it enough to all providers. We have been using iBenchmark for over 2 years now, and it has significantly improved the efficiency of our governance and documentation processes. Ensuring you understand and remain up-to-date with the CQC’s complex requirements can be difficult – especially when you are busy caring for patients every day! We used to worry that we were falling behind on aspects of Compliance, and we relied on an overcomplicated paper filing system. The system’s training videos and Compliance dashboard mean we know exactly what is required to be compliant in line with the latest CQC expectations. We have also been able to go paper free, and now use iBenchmark as a single storage point for our policies and procedures, staff certificates, and other important documents. What is especially useful about the system is that it provides you with training and guidance about each specific Key Line of Enquiry under the 5 Key Questions. This means you know exactly what a CQC Inspector wants to see for each of their ‘prompts’, and can compile evidence to prove how you are meeting this when it’s time for inspection. This means our staff are filled with confidence when it comes to CQC inspections, as we see them as a chance to demonstrate our Compliance and good governance to inspectors. Ultimately, iBenchmark has improved our understanding and application of Care 4 Quality., as well as streamlining our documentation processes. Thanks to the system, we can dedicate ourselves to our residents with the peace of mind that we are meeting all CQC standards!”

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