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Starting A Care Business?

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21 October 2020

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Are you someone who always thought about starting a care business? If you have experience in the care sector, a heartfelt desire to support others and good business sense, you’ll have definitely considered how you can combine your talents in starting a successful care business. The first step in this journey is ensuring you are successfully registered with the Care Quality Commission, as without this you will not be able to provide any care services that they regulate. This is where Care 4 Quality. come in – we specialise in ensuring that you are successfully registered with the Care Quality Commission and that you have a full suite of bespoke policies and procedures to support your service.

Why start a care business?

If you have some experience in the private care sector, personally or professionally, you probably have some ideas about what you could do differently. You have unique experience to offer and each care business is only as special as the people who run it. Don’t sit on your hands any longer – put the change you want to see into action.

The moral imperative in starting a care business is clear, but as one of the few recession proof industries – there is significant scope to achieve the commercial aims you may have. However, if you are solely interested in the financial rewards that can come with starting a care provider, we will simply refuse to work with you. We are a team of clinical and healthcare professionals, who have dedicated our lives to improving standards of care – and we only work with those who share our ethos.

How can you begin?

If you are keen to start a care business, you’ll naturally want the best for your business and the people you look after. Care 4 Quality. can ensure that you are in the best hands when at the beginning of your journey, starting with achieving a successful CQC registration.

It can feel overwhelming to start an intensive process like starting a business, let alone one that focuses on care. Start small – what will the business name be? Where would you want your premises? Do you have the right experience, or will you need to hire someone to be your Registered Manager?

All of this can feel like a lot – from the legalities to the fiddly day to day operations – but we are always available, and excited, to be part of your new project. Our compliance team are CQC experts, ranging from CQC inspectors to CQC Registration Managers and an NHS Governance Director – all of whom are dedicated to ensuring we support your organisation and help you exceed as a care business.

When is the best time?

Now is the time to start your care business. Though it might feel like a scary time to plunge into a new business opportunity, there are more vulnerable people than ever needing your help. There are simply more people needing help than are able to deliver it, so if you are ready to begin this incredible journey – we can get your organisation started and ensure you excel as an organisation. Starting a healthcare business is not an easy journey, but the rewards are there for those that are dedicated, caring and willing to engage experts in ensuring that a new business has the support it needs to exceed.

How can we help?

No-one starts a healthcare business to do a bad job, every day we speak to new providers who have the highest aspirations for their business. We help ambitious and caring people deliver their vision with expert compliance support, starting with achieving a successful CQC registration. We work collaboratively with our clients, guiding them through the registration process and producing industry-leading bespoke policies and procedures that are tailored to your organisation.

We hope that this has inspired you to take the first step in starting a care business – remember, we are here to provide the support you need all through this incredible journey. Get in touch today with our Registrations and Compliance Team, and let us guide you in creating a compliant and successful care business.

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