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Why invest in quality assurance training for care staff?

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13 June 2019

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If you have overall responsibility for managing a care home or healthcare institution, then helping your staff to offer the best service is a top priority. This will not only ensure that anyone in your care gets the best treatment possible but also that your facility meets all the legal requirements necessary to operate. One key piece of care staff training is around quality assurance.

What is quality assurance and why does it matter?

Put simply, quality assurance is focused on measuring and reviewing the quality of the services you offer, across the whole organisation. It is important because it allows you to see where improvements could be made in what you do or specific areas where tasks are not being carried out properly. It can also help you to see which areas need focusing on for things like an upcoming CQC inspection. In essence, it helps your organisation to remain compliant with the law and offer the best service possible.

Quality assurance is a key skill to develop

In terms of care staff training, quality assurance is a must for any care home or healthcare provider. Investing in this for staff will provide a wide range of specific benefits to your organisation as below:

Finetune recruitment – many care providers do not always realise what a hot-spot for compliance simply recruiting staff can be. Quality assurance training will help candidates to know what documents and requirements to look for when recruiting. This will help you to only employ people who are legally eligible to work for you.

Help to drive change – sending a staff member for quality assurance training is a great investment for your organisation’s future. The skills they learn in recognising opportunities to enhance what you offer and also do it better will ensure you keep growing year on year.

Enables issues to be solved easily – quality assurance care staff training is a wise move as it will ensure that any current issues are resolved quickly. The skills learnt on the training course will help candidates to take charge of the management and also take action related to improvements needed across your services.

Let Care 4 Quality. help today

If you are looking for professional quality assurance training for your staff, then call us today on 01565 756 119. Our top-notch quality assurance training course has all the information staff will need to maintain strict quality control in your organisation and help it to remain CQC compliant.

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