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Provider Rated ‘Outstanding’ Using Our New Care 4 Quality. System

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28 March 2022

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Use of the iBenchmark Care 4 Quality. System is listed as one of the key reasons that Recovery Connections, one of iBenchmark’s nationwide users, were rated ‘Outstanding’ in their latest inspection!

CQC Inspectors were extremely impressed with how the use of iBenchmark reflected Recovery Connections’ proactive approach to compliance. The organisation showed inspectors the iBenchmark system during their inspection, demonstrating to the CQC how they remained up-to-date with their policies, training, and documentation- all of which was guided by iBenchmark. See the glowing praise for our compliance system in Recovery Connections’ CQC report:

“We rated Recovery Connections as outstanding because […] The provider’s governance systems were robust and ensured the service delivered safe and effective care and treatment. The provider had purchased an online system to enable the service to rapidly access evidence required to demonstrate good practice and assist with the overall governance of the service’s processes.” –Care Quality Commission

We are delighted that the system contributed to the success of Recovery Connections, and that inspectors recognised the importance of iBenchmark with regards to their excellent overall governance and compliance. The report highlights the fact that two of the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE’s) – ‘Safe’ and ‘Effective’ – were so well met because of their robust systems and governance.

The iBenchmark dashboard assesses your compliance against the 5 KLOE’s, and you can receive expert advice and upload evidence against subclauses for each individually to ensure full Care 4 Quality.. Another KLOE highlighted in Recovery Connections’ report is their Outstanding practice in being ‘Well-Led’. They were praised by inspectors for the positive workplace culture within their organisation- a key part of achieving success in this Key Line of Enquiry:

“Staff felt proud, respected and accepted, there was a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, room to grow and develop and that there was a culture of honesty, openness and transparency within the service.”

Alongside establishing a culture of acceptance for their staff, Recovery Connections were praised by inspectors for creating a culture of self-development and possibility for their patients. This is representative of their compliance as a ‘Caring’ provider. See this praise below:

“Clients had access to education and work opportunities. The treatment programme provided clients with lifelong learning credits and ambassadors could obtain a level two accredited qualification in peer mentoring and employment skills.”

Recovery Connections are an excellent example to all providers of how to succeed great success in a CQC inspection. As an organisation, they are clearly dedicated to providing the best care for both staff and patients, and have worked hard to create a culture of growth, acceptance, and kindness. They used the iBenchmark system to understand and maintain compliancy across all KLOE’s, optimising the system to manage their quality and evidence their great work to inspectors. 

Talk to us today to learn more about the iBenchmark system and how it can help you achieve that ‘Outstanding’ rating too. 

See Recovery Connections’ latest CQC report here.

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