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Meet the Team: Jen Clayton, Clinical Policy Lead

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26 May 2021

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Jen Clayton has nearly 20 years of nursing experience, working as a registered adult intensive care nurse. At Care 4 Quality., she is our Clinical Policy Lead, where she primarily works on packaging policy products for a client based on their business type, brand and specification.

Jen’s career as a registered adult intensive care nurse has given her proficiency in mentoring adult and student nurses, as well as delivering training to other healthcare professionals in a variety of settings.

She also has extensive history and experience in updating, creating and implementing policy, integrating her clinical nursing skills and previous experience of freelance training in various health sectors to brand specify the policies to the relevant services.

“Policies create a set of rules for a company to follow, rules create consistency. Consistency brings organisation to a company by creating predictability and trust, this in turn results in increased productivity, higher standards and satisfaction.”

Jen’s work involves a reliance on the client to work alongside her, in order to capture their business and clinical practices accurately. She gets to know the client and their provider to offer a bespoke service of producing high quality clinical policies.

“I love working with new clients and integrating their company vision and values into documents that create the implementation of evidence based best practices within an organisation.”

By using the process of getting to know each and every client, she can deliver policies that are based on the CQC requirements and registrations process time frame.

“When writing policies for clients I take a holistic approach. This includes looking at what the client is aiming to achieve and deliver, alongside the CQC’s regulatory requirements and recognised best practice, best practice is always taken from a reputable source.”

As part of her work as Clinical Policy Lead, Jen ensures that the clinical policies created by the team, link with the latest evidence-based guidelines by recognised professional sources. These include NICE, NHS England, WHO, The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Procedures, HSE, Resus Council UK, etc.

She also ensures that policies are adapted to changing climates, with the most contemporary example being COVID-19 and incorporating government guidance into the Basic Life Support Policy.

Jen is an integral part of the Care 4 Quality. team, using her expertise in the field of clinical policies and nursing to provide a bespoke service to our clients. Throughout her career she has demonstrated her ability to deliver care excellence, combining her knowledge and skills to align clients’ objectives and practices along with the CQC’s requirements.

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