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Independence in care: maintaining self reliance

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8 May 2019

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Many older people associate home help services with a loss of independence and self-reliance. However, whilst it is undeniable that old age can make living independent living difficult at times, this is simply not the case and independence in care can be achieved with the right care provider.

Home care services exist to help older adults regain their independence in their own homes and live a lifestyle that is fulfilling and suits their needs and desires. Indeed, independence is a central tenet of the home help experience, and is important for the following reasons:


1. Independence in care helps people maintain a sense of self-worth and individuality

Managing one’s decisions is fundamental to nurturing a positive attitude towards oneself. Indeed, losing the option to make choices can make one feel like less of an autonomous individual. It is all-too-easy to forget that older adults have lived many years with beliefs and practices that are very close to their hearts, and it is fundamental that these can be expressed. 

Indeed, a loss of individuality can lead to feelings of anger and depression and can cause significant problems for the older adult and the person looking after them. In this way, it is beneficial to allow older people with care needs to be able to personalise their lives as they see fit.


2. Independence in care can help keep older adults strong and fit

To retain as much independence as possible, it is vital that older adults maintain a degree of balance and strength. In this way, helping older adults make informed choices about staying active can have great health benefits that prevent loss of muscle mass and core balance. It is important to note that falls and injuries can represent one of the greatest barriers to independence, so fostering an independent mindset that keeps older adults active and energetic is imperative.


3. Independence in care helps keep the memory sharp

Independent living is a great way to keep the memory sharp in later life. Indeed, giving the memory a workout on a regular basis is vital to maintaining critical faculties and helping older people to feel that they have a sense of purpose in the world. Home care that focuses on maintaining a sense of independence, therefore, can help inspire older adults to take up activities that keep their brains active.

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