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CQC Medication Audits can help prepare your staff for inspection

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12 May 2019

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Is your care home, health or social care facility, or hospital prepared for surprise CQC medication audits? If not, the team at Care 4 Quality. offer comprehensive medication audits that can help build best practice handling of medications and ensure more effective medication management.

Why opt for a medication audit from Care 4 Quality.?

The UK government is currently in the process of tackling the medication errors that lead to hundreds of deaths each year. Medication errors range from faulty prescribing to errors with their issue and it’s estimated there are over 237 million medication errors each year in England alone. Although over 70% of these mistakes don’t actually lead to any harm being caused, it’s vital that all workers issuing medications are fully trained and aware of the risks involved. Indeed, medication errors tend to be disproportionately high in the care home sector when compared to overall medication issue errors in the UK.

What do medication audits from Care 4 Quality. entail?

Our medication audits cover a variety of common activities within your facility. These include:

  • Making sure all employees are managing medicines in the correct manner
  • Checks of all operational medication procedures and the controls that are in place
  • Observations to ensure all employees carry out the best practice techniques when issuing, administering or handling any medicines
  • Comprehensive review of the stock management procedures in place for all medicines
  • A review of all associated medication documentation

After the audit is complete you will be provided with a comprehensive medication audit report by our consultant. This report identifies any essential improvements needed to meet CQC standards and offers recommendations on the necessary actions to implement these changes.

Don’t let your organisation get caught out by surprise CQC audits and inspections. Sloppy medication management and handling can result in the closure of any health or social care organisation, as well as causing risks to the ongoing health and lifestyle of residents and daycare patients. You can find out more about safe care and treatment regulations applicable in the UK on the website of the CQC.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to learn more about the benefits of medication audits for your business.

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