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Controversial Social Care Cap Gets Support from MPs: Comment by Our Head of Client Relations, Gabi Ashton

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25 November 2021

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MPs have voted to back a cap on social care funding, despite a significant Tory rebellion towards the plans.

The plans that were initially announced last week will exclude means-tested council support payments from a new £86,000 lifetime limit on costs.

The cap will cover for the fees of personal care but will not cover living costs such as care home fees, food or utility bills.

The amendments to the Health and Care Bill over recent months have received staunch criticism, with this amendment only winning by a narrow 272 votes to 246 in the Commons.

Many critics of the plans argue that poorer people within society will be affected the most and lose out on a lot of their assets in order to pay for their care.

This is evidenced by analysis that revealed on average, homeowners who need long-term elderly care in the most deprived Northern areas will be left spending at least 60% of their property value, compared to 20% in the wealthiest Southern areas.

However, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has claimed the plans will be more generous than the current system.

Our Head of Client Relations, Gabi Ashton commented on the change to the bill and said: “This amendment to the health and care bill will fundamentally change the way the social care cap and funding is calculated for individuals needing social care services in their lifetime.

“The cap, more often than not, will mean the poorest people in society are paying the same as the wealthiest people, and the cap now potentially leaves people who have fewer assets with less protection and less financial security.

“This could potentially put an additional strain on an already struggling sector to meet people’s needs and we will all need to work collectively to ensure all people receive the quality of care that we all deserve.”


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