The Natural Choice for Bespoke Healthcare Compliance

The Natural Choice for Bespoke Health and Social Care Compliance

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The UK’s Leading Care 4 Quality. Software.

Care 4 Quality. is powered by iBenchmark, the market-leading and most trusted Care 4 Quality. Software. As an all-in-one healthcare compliance system, the intuitive web-based software offers peace of mind for all healthcare providers. With access to an easy-to-use dashboard, the platform allows healthcare providers to manage each aspect of their Policies, Compliance and HR.

iBenchmark is designed by former National CQC Training Managers, CQC Inspectors, and healthcare providers to support services to maintain full compliance. The system is specifically created around the Key Lines of Enquiry and the Fundamental Standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Working with iBenchmark, we ensure that your organisation is clinically-supported, tech-enabled and on the road to becoming an ‘Outstanding’ provider.

Why Choose iBenchmark?

Document Management

A single storage point for all important documents, policies and procedures, staff information, and training files.

Video Guidance

Hundreds of online videos offering expert advice from key industry figures within the Care Quality Commission.

Policies Dashboard

Quick and easy evidence upload tools built-in for your convenience, ready to generate full audit reports.

Realtime Management

Real-time dashboards to monitor your Care 4 Quality. evidence across all sites 24 hours a day..

Allocate Workflow

Allocate tasks using workflow and validation for your Care 4 Quality. team members.

Evidence Management

Quick and easy evidence upload tools built-in for your convenience, ready to generate full audit reports..

Who Can Use iBenchmark?

Domiciliary Care.
Care Homes.
GPs and Doctors.
Mental Health.
In The Community.

Key Lines of Enquiry

With ‘at a glance’ functionality, the organisations Compliance Function can easily gather and demonstrate compliance in line with CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry. The system creates a more accessible and transparent compliance environment.

iBenchmark Dashboard

The Dashboard solution incorporates a firm’s compliance monitoring programme, policies and registers and creates a central access point for the Compliance Officer and other designated staff to upload and share documents and tasks.

What Are The Main Benefits?

iBenchmark contains a suite of  industry-leading tools that streamline your documentation and governance processes, guide your staff management and training, and ensure you are proactively maintaining and improving your compliance rating on the dashboard.
Using iBenchmark, you can ensure your documents and procedures remain up-to-date with latest CQC guidelines. The expert system allows you to upload evidence of your compliance, prompting you when any aspect of your policies, staff training, and documentation is due for review. iBenchmark is a trusted all-in-one hub for your document storage and management, allowing you to go paper free.

How Can It Help You Stay On Track With Care 4 Quality.?

iBenchmark’s expert dashboard means you can quickly assess your compliance status in line with the CQC’s 5 Key Questions. You can use this to manage your compliance and take action where needed.
You can allocate responses to each Key Line of Enquiry (KLOE) under the Key Questions to your active team members, creating a collaborative approach to compliance. Your iBenchmark manager can also continually assess your organisation’s rating across all departments and sites, identifying areas of concern and using the system’s expert guidance to take action. iBenchmark’s check list of tasks and workflow allocation ensure that your service meets all CQC Fundamental Standards and Guidelines.

Why Choose iBenchmark?

iBenchmark is the UK’s leading Care 4 Quality. Software, designed by former National CQC Training Managers, CQC Inspectors, and healthcare providers. The expert system provides the technology you need to streamline your documentation and governance processes, and to ensure your service remains compliant year after year. iBenchmark contains interviews with industry experts that are ready at your fingertips, in addition to insightful tips for each KLOE prompt you need to submit. The system brings you tech-enabled compliance, guiding you to deliver the highest quality care for your service users.

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