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Company led medicines recall: Morphine Syringe 50mg/50ml (unlicensed medicine) and Magnesium Sulphate 8mmol/20ml infusion (unlicensed medicine)

Published On:

1 July 2021

Published In:

CLMR Number

CLMR (21)A/05

MDR Number

MDR 377-06/21

Company Name

Nova Laboratories Limited (MS 13581)

Product description

Morphine Syringe 50mg/50ml (unlicensed medicine)

Magnesium Sulphate 8mmol/20ml infusion (unlicensed medicine)

Lot Number/Expiry

Product name Batch Number Expiry Date Pack Size First Distributed
Morphine Syringe 50mg/50ml 0015j117 13/10/2021 50 ml 24 May 2021
Magnesium Sulphate Infusion 8mmol/20ml 0002j118 05/11/2021 50 ml 7 June 2021

Brief Description of Problem

Nova Laboratories Limited (MS 13581) is recalling the above batches of Morphine Syringe 50mg/50ml & Magnesium Sulphate Infusion 8mmol/20ml. The potential risk of contamination was found during validation of the manufacturing process and the batches are being recalled as a precautionary measure

This recall is being issued as a company-led medicines recall, as this product is only supplied to several hospital pharmacies and Nova Laboratories Limited have full traceability of the onward distribution by their customers.

Company Contact for medical information enquiries

For medical information enquiries, please contact: Nova Laboratories Limited by calling 0116 223 0100 or by emailing [email protected].

Company Contact for stock enquiries

For stock information enquiries, Nova Laboratories Limited by emailing [email protected], tel. 0800 975 4840


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