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Thanks to Care 4 Quality., I achieved something that I never thought was possible: my company, Hearology Ltd, has made its application for CQC registration! I honestly have no idea how we’d have done it without the help of Julie and Natasha from Care 4 Quality. – not, at any rate, without neglecting the running of the business in process. For anyone reading this wondering whether or not to employ one of the many consultants who offer CQC registration services, I’d draw attention to two parts of the process where the help of the caring experts at Care 4 Quality. is indispensable. 1) The first bit – getting one’s head around the task, organising and mobilising your team who are going to make the registration application. Because at that stage, it seems like such a daunting task – a task which, in our case, we didn’t even understand properly. So having the support of a team like Care 4 Quality. who’ve done this so many times before was necessary, at least in my case, to help stop my team from getting overwhelmed. 2) The last bit – going from it all being ‘nearly ready’ to receiving your registration application submission number. They say the last 20% takes as long as the first 80%, and they are right! This stage is challenging, but Care 4 Quality. did everything they could to make it as easy as possible for me to get my application over the line. I have used lots of consultants in my career but rarely have I felt as supported as I did by Julie and Natasha. I should also say the whole service was also outstanding value for money. I can’t thank Julie and Natasha enough, as well as the other team members at Care 4 Quality. who had an input in supporting our registration journey!

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