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UPCOMING WEBINAR:Interpreting the CQC’s New Framework | what you need to know

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1 November 2023

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Care 4 Quality is teaming up with our friends at Worknest to bring you an exciting free webinar focussing on the CQC’s New Framework and the implications that come with that approach.

Join us for an insightful one-hour webinar featuring Julie Walton, Head of Registrations at Care 4 Quality and a former CQC Inspector, along with Ross Henderson, Health & Safety Regional Manager at WorkNest.

We will be discussing how to interpret the CQC’s latest guidelines, understand the significant differences between the old and new frameworks, and identify the proactive measures that providers should take to prepare for these forthcoming changes.

CQC’s New Assessment Framework

Commencing on November 21, 2023, the CQC will introduce its single assessment framework in the South region. Prior to this launch and its subsequent implementation across a wider area, many health and social care providers may have questions and uncertainties regarding its impact on their operations.

If you’re still uncertain about which of your current practices will align with the new assessment criteria, the fresh expectations required for regulatory compliance, or the advantages and disadvantages of this new model, we invite you to participate in this informative one-hour webinar, free of charge.

Webinar Highlights

During this interactive session, our panel will shed light on the following crucial areas:

  1. Comparing Old and New Approaches: Explore the elements of the CQC’s strategy that remain intact, those that have undergone transformations, and those that are no longer applicable.
  2. The New Single Assessment Framework: Understand how this framework will be equitably applied across various settings. Delve into the aspects where discretion and proportionality will be exercised, and explore any areas yet to be explained.
  3. Demystifying New Terminology: Decode the terminology, distinguishing between quality statements and the previous KLOEs.
  4. Assessing Pros and Cons: Discuss how the new scoring system, evidence categories, and continuous assessment model can enhance outcomes for providers. Additionally, explore instances where some providers might face challenges and areas where information gaps persist.
  5. Impacts on Health and Safety Compliance: Gain insights into how these changes will influence your approach to health and safety, ensuring the well-being of your staff, residents, patients, and visitors.

Get Your Questions Answered

As part of the webinar there will be a live Q&A session. To ensure your questions are considered, please submit them in advance through the registration form on the link below. This allows our hosts to review and prepare to provide you with comprehensive answers.

Stay informed and prepared for the changing landscape of healthcare assessment with our upcoming webinar. We look forward to your participation and engagement in this informative session.


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