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Preparing for CQC Registration and Interview Process (Manager & Provider/NI)


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This is a one day course. Arrival time 9am with the course starting at 9.30am and finishing at 4.30pm.

Whether you are a New Manager/Provider or existing Manager/Provider this is the perfect workshop for understanding the Registration and Interview process. We will support you to understand the responsibilities that make up each role. We will look at the underpinning regulations that you must be aware of when applying for registration. We will be discussing the registration and application processes. We will also explore the use of the CQC portal and the continued benefits of using the portal once registered. Looking at what needs to be in place before starting the registration process will help to ensure that a good foundation is laid to achieve a successful registration. Showing a good understanding at the early stages of registration will be invaluable in the registration journey. Discuss what compliance looks like in practical terms in your anticipated service. It is important to understand the roles and responsibilities of the Provider and Manager to best protect the service users and service registration. There will be availability on the day to speak with C4Q CQC registration experts.

  • Examine underpinning Legislation and Regulation, specifically the core regulatory aspects that relate to a successful CQC Registration. Principles around identifying what is a ‘Regulated Activity’ and we will signpost to the scope of registration document.
  • Gain knowledge on how to implement and evidence safe practice within the service, inclusive of staffing, risk assessing and environmental factors. What assurances do you, as a Provider or Manager need from your service to promote safe care practice.
  • Identify best practice guidance in relation to Safeguarding, Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. We will also touch upon other key pieces of regulation that underpin your registration.
  • Ascertain the types of information and documentation that needs to be in place prior to embarking on the CQC Registration journey. Looking at what need to be in place before starting the registration process will help to ensure that a good foundation is laid to achieve a successful registration.
  • Understand the application and registration process and the different types of legal entities that can be registered and the ways in which this affects the registration process.
  • Gain an understanding of CQC’s Registered Manager and Provider application and interview process, along with what to expect after applications are submitted. We will provide you with the questions that you may be asked as part of the interview process. We will discuss what conditions of registration are and what this will mean to you as a Manager or Provider.
  • Identify key responsibilities the Manager and Provider have in their roles, exploring Manager and Provider fitness. Explore ways of working smartly utilising a management team to the full.
  • Examine the role and responsibilities of the Nominated Individual and how to ensure this pivotal role is effective and responsive. Explore how Providers can demonstrate good governance and oversight of their service.
  • Explore CQC approaches to registration, inspection and reporting; ensuring the Key Lines of Enquiry are embedded into practice.

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