The Natural Choice for Bespoke Healthcare Compliance

The Natural Choice for Bespoke Health and Social Care Compliance

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Ongoing Compliance Support

We offer a comprehensive, supportive and reliable ongoing compliance package to ensure our clients continue to excel as a provider and remain CQC compliant beyond registration.

We know that ongoing compliance is essential for any health or social organization to be able to deliver high-quality care.

The team at Care 4 Quality. is passionate about using our wealth of knowledge and expertise in the health and social care industry to ensure our clients are continually meeting CQC regulatory requirements and standards.
Our expertise span across the whole health and social care sector, with our team made up of experienced CQC inspectors, GPs, Nurses, Social Workers, an NHS Clinical Governance Director, CQC Registration Managers and expert, bespoke clinical policy writers.
The way we do this is by offering a comprehensive ongoing compliance package for any new and existing clients.
This means that we are fully equipped and able to carry provide ongoing compliance support that is not only bespoke to you and your service but also of a high-quality to continually meet CQC standards.
Ongoing compliance ensures that you never have to worry about falling foul of updates and changes to the CQC regulations.

Why Is Ongoing Compliance Important?

By ensuring you remain compliant with the CQC, you are ensuring that you continue to meet the fundamental standards of quality and safety and adhere to the required regulations. In turn, you will receive higher performance ratings and people and commissioners will be more likely to choose your provider over your competitors.

Monthly Monitoring

We will offer monthly monitoring, as part of the CQC’s new strategy to compliment in-person inspections. The new strategy will see the CQC requesting monthly data from all providers, involving questions and notes on data such as ratings, breaches, registration activity and safeguarding. To find out more about what the new strategy involves, read here.
Our compliance team can meet with you on a monthly basis to review the running of your service and ensure your provider is complaint with CQC expectations and maintaining high standards. We will work closely with you to ensure your data management and governance and quality assurance systems are in place, to allow you to be CQC ready.

What Else Can Care 4 Quality. Offer as Part of the Ongoing Compliance Support Package?

Care 4 Quality. will offer a bespoke, comprehensive ongoing compliance support package that suits the needs of your provider. We will get to know you and your business and ensure that the package meets the requirements for you to remain compliant with the CQC.
Our ongoing compliance support package may include the following:
Policy Updates

Regularly updating your policies and procedures in line with regulatory revisions and requirements.

Trend Analysis

Support with trend analysis to contribute to lessons learnt, including reviewing complaints, compliments, serious incidents, safeguarding alerts and medicines errors.

Compliance Audits

Contributing to and reviewing Compliance Audits.

Remote Team Meetings

Support for a variety of staff and advise on quality, governance and risk.

Spot Checks and Calls

We will call your staff and people who receive care to speak with them about the quality of care, systems, processes and management to allow us to advise on your CQC

Data Management

Help to manage your ongoing data capturing and monitoring, to ensure you are ready for the CQC at any given point.

Telephone and Email Support.

Expertise and reassurance on demand to resolve any queries you may have

Notifications Management

Support you to understand what notifications need to be submitted to the CQC, and when.

CQC Training

Deliver ‘Introduction to the CQC’ training for staff.

Expertise. Integrity. Passion.

Expert advice when you need it. Find out how we can help you and your business.

We have an expert team who specialise in all areas of compliance. We want to work with you to ensure you receive a personalised service that suits your needs.

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