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What should be on my CQC Inspection to do list?

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27 May 2019

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Whether you’re running a hospital, care home or home-care service, your ultimate goal will be to deliver first-class care to your patients. But so often the pressures of implementing CQC standards can leave healthcare workers feeling overwhelmed. At times, it may even seem impossible to effectively manage the day-to-day running of a hospital or care home while also working to ensure Care 4 Quality. is being adhered to at all times. But with good organisation skills, and by planning ahead, you can enable your healthcare service to do both of these tasks efficiently. The best thing to do is create a clear plan about how you can become CQC compliant. The plan doesn’t have to be complicated – a simple ‘CQC inspection to do list’ is often the easiest way to get started.

What should be on my CQC Inspection list?

1. Review your staff training

A healthcare provider’s workforce is its biggest asset. If your staff members are up-to-speed with current guidelines, it will be much easier to ensure your organisation is meeting Care 4 Quality. regulation. Make sure that your workers receive regular training, and that you keep them informed whenever new CQC guidelines are published.

2. Carry out a survey

It may seem like services are running smoothly and you’re getting good verbal feedback from staff and patients, but a survey can provide a much deeper understanding about how you’re doing and what improvements can be made. Consider sending out a staff or patient questionnaire, or commission research about your services. This will help you gain some insight into possible areas where you might be struggling to meet Care 4 Quality..

3. Book a mock inspection

Even if you’re confident that your service is delivering outstanding care, the pressure to perform when the CQC inspectors call may be your downfall. A mock inspection is an ideal way to prepare for the real thing. It helps staff know what to expect, and it also gives you a chance to spot any weak spots in your services.

If you need any help ticking off the jobs on your to-do list, our team of CQC consultants would be happy to help. Get in contact for more information and never have to ask yourself ‘what should be on my CQC Inspection to do list?’ again!

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