The Natural Choice for Bespoke Healthcare Compliance

The Natural Choice for Bespoke Health and Social Care Compliance

THE CQC'S NEW FRAMEWORK | Interpreting employee wellbeing and management statements

I Contacted Care 4 Quality. for assistance with my CQC Registration. I explained the reason for my contact and Will, the advisor who discussed my needs and told me more about Care 4 Quality.’s support package, was very helpful. He quickly set up a meeting with Nita, my registration lead, who took me through the whole process in a nutshell or a “dummies guide” which is what I needed. Nita adapted quickly to my learning style and was always on board when I needed advice. We had a rocky journey due to my own personal problems, but she never gave up with me and kept checking in. My account was put on hold at no extra charge, and she was there the minute I was ready to continue. I also took the add on option of QPol Policies and Procedures which was a great decision. This took a huge amount of pressure off, especially as I am dyslexic, so to have someone word and type my policies for me but still to be involved in making them was brilliant. Nita not only got me through the complicated registration process but she also explained clearly why CQC was formed, the importance behind it and how the Key Lines Of Inquiry & Fundamental standards connect in – this was something I had no idea about previously. But now I can honestly say it all makes sense! Without hesitation I would recommend Care 4 Quality. to anyone starting up in the care sector, they have a lot of knowledge and previous experiences within the sector and that’s why it works.

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