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Remap – making things possible

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4 February 2020

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Remap is a national charity that helps disabled people of all ages to live more independent lives by designing and making customised equipment free of charge.


We provide solutions to everyday problems when there is nothing commercially available; designing and custom making equipment for individuals. We recognise that everyone’s needs are different and that commercial equipment isn’t always quite suitable. Our skilled volunteers respond to thousands of requests for our help every year and we provide our service free of charge. Here’s how we helped one person recently.


Eilian needs to use a three-wheeled rollator to walk independently. Having an amputation however, creates an extra challenge, as he can’t safely use the rollator with one hand. So Martin Rees, a volunteer with Remap, modified one especially for him. First the brakes were moved so they could both be operated from one hand. Then a cup-type receptacle was made to accept his residual limb. This was made from 3D printed plastic parts and a metal bracket that fits onto the rollator. The finished cup was lined with felt to make it comfy.


Jan Costa is an Occupational Therapist who referred the case to Remap. She said:

“I have had previous experience working with Remap and although I knew what I wanted, it was not commercially available. Martin converted my concept and idea into a fully functional design and produced the item. The provision of the adapted braking system and single handed propulsion enabled the patient to mobilise safely with a three wheeled walker and reduces the risk of falls.


We occasionally have difficult issues like this, when one-off items are the solution.  Remap have helped on more than one occasion. My advice is that if you know what you want but cannot source it, contact Remap. They can advise you and can also design solutions just for your patient.  Give them a ring!”


In another project, our wonderful volunteers made a wall-sized Scrabble board! Visitors to Paul’s Place in Bristol often found the traditional pieces too fiddly so we overcame this by making a giant set which is big enough for everyone to join in.


Across the country Remap has some 900 skilled volunteers, organised into local groups. Last year we completed over 3,800 projects, helping a wide range of disabled people of all age groups. Our volunteers include engineers, technicians and electronics specialists as well as people who organise, promote and fundraise. The charity is run from a small office in Kent where a small team of paid staff look after volunteer recruitment, fundraising and promotion for the UK.


What challenge do you have for Remap?

Whether you need a piece of equipment that isn’t on the market, or to have something adapted, Remap can help. Remap volunteers can design and custom-make equipment for your specific needs. The service is available to disabled people of all ages, is completely free of charge and you can request their help directly.

Find Remap at:


01732 760209

[email protected]







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