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Setting up and registering a Private GP with the CQC

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7 September 2020

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Going into private general practice is an exciting journey, but for those involved – it can be a daunting one as well. That’s why at CQC Compliance, we are here to support those looking to start a new private general practice. From guidance in registering with the CQC to providing you with a bespoke suite of policies and procedures, our team is dedicated to ensuring your vision becomes reality.

The advantages of starting a private general practice are clear – being free of many NHS regulations means that you can spend much more time with patients. With less interference, no targets and no Quality and Outcomes Framework, private GPs are not burdened by the same restrictions as NHS practices. However, with more freedom comes more responsibility – as you will not have the structural safety net that NHS facilities enjoy. This is why ensuring you have the right support in place in absolutely vital, and why at CQC Compliance we specialise in helping those entering private general practice to register with the CQC.

Our team have vast experience across public and private healthcare, including in managing and supporting general practices. As the responsibility for a private general practice lies solely with the provider themselves, we cannot overstate the importance of making sure you have the right support structure in place. Patients using your service will expect a higher level of service, so the pressure will be to always maintain a high-standard.

We can support you in reaching this high-level of service with our ongoing compliance support – which includes mock inspections, compliance audits and the maintenance of your bespoke policies and procedures. As the Care Quality Commission will expect you to have the same level of clinical governance and auditing as your equivalent in the NHS – the level of scrutiny can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why engaging CQC Compliance can be beneficial to your organisation, allowing us to support you in your compliance while you focus on delivering for your patients.

At CQC Compliance, we offer a comprehensive service that seeks to support our clients throughout their journey. Starting a private general practice is undoubtedly challenging, but with our expert guidance you can build an organisation that is compliant, supported and delivers the highest-standard of care for you organisation.

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