The Natural Choice for Bespoke Healthcare Compliance

The Natural Choice for Bespoke Health and Social Care Compliance

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Independent or Franchise?

Starting a care provider requires many difficult decisions to be made, with one of the first being whether to go it alone or join an existing organisation. We’re here to help you answer the question, independent or franchise?

Independent Care Provider

Being an independent care provider can appear daunting, however with the right support, having the autonomy and drive to succeed can yield huge rewards – for both you and those in your care.

The main reason that people choose to start their own independent business is the level of control they can have over it. Compared to starting a franchised business, you have complete control over the direction and ethos of your organisation.

However, having the independence to make your own decisions makes your service more efficient, while being able to tailor your processes benefits those in your care by directly addressing their requirements. Being part of a franchise can sometimes feel like being at the wheel of an ocean liner, as any variation from the course set out by the centralised organisation can prove to be difficult and time consuming.

Going independent also has significant financial benefits, as starting a franchised company can often come with huge upfront fees and ongoing royalty payments to the franchisor. This may benefit your organisation in the short-term, but further down the line you may end up feeling constrained by the limitations and financial commitment to the centralised group.


Franchises offer a tried-and-tested model, with an established customer base and brand recognition, which means that your business isn’t starting from scratch. In addition, financial and administrative support is available to franchisees at the beginning of their journey and the existing infrastructure provides a safety net for new care providers.

The franchise model of business is preferred by some. The benefit of going down this route is that there is a certain level of support available and the establishing of company direction, processes and policy isn’t your sole responsibility. As a result, starting your own independent business can sometimes feel like it carries a higher level of risk.

Some may argue that the downside to starting your own independent health and social care business is that you are unable to benefit from the access to the franchisor’s key resources and support. This may include training, ongoing support and marketing materials. If you choose to start an independent business with support from Care 4 Quality., you can enjoy the autonomy of your own business model as well as benefiting from the guidance we provide.

The Best of Both Worlds

For a fraction of the cost of being part of a franchise, you could have access to industry-leading compliance support from the Care 4 Quality. team. We are exceptionally proud of our Senior Management team, who offer an unparalleled level of expertise and experience – and are comprised of CQC inspectors, GPs, CQC Registration Managers, Clinical Nurse Leads and an NHS Governance Director.

Our support includes comprehensive CQC registration support, a full suite of bespoke policies and procedures, mock CQC inspections, business and marketing support, recruitment support, ongoing compliance support and much more.

At Care 4 Quality., we believe that you can have the best of both worlds. Along with our sister companies, CH Recruitment and TwentyOne12, we can provide dedicated support from the beginning of your journey. After an initial consultation, we can offer a package of support to ensure your service is not only compliant with the Care Quality Commission, but excels as a care provider.

What are the key benefits of going independent or joining a franchise?

Benefits of being an independent care provider:

  • Complete autonomy over your business
  • The freedom to build your own brand
  • Deliver a bespoke service to those in your care
  • Significant financial rewards and freedom
  • Industry-level support and guidance from Care 4 Quality.

Benefits of being part of a franchise:

  • A safety net from the franchisor
  • An established brand
  • Care processes and policies already in place
  • Joining an existing infrastructure
  • Access to franchise resources
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