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How Can We Support With CQC Registrations?

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14 February 2022

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How Are We Unique?

Here at Care 4 Quality., we are proud to have helped countless health and social care providers register their service with the Care Quality Commission. We have supported providers from across the healthcare sector, including both Adult Social Care and Primary and Acute Care Providers.

Julie Walton, Head of Registrations at Care 4 Quality.:

“We are incredibly proud of every client and partner of Care 4 Quality. that achieves a successful CQC registration. Anyone that has attempted to become CQC registered knows how impenetrable and time-consuming the process can be, and how difficult it can be to achieve a CQC registration.”

With a team comprised of former CQC inspectors and Clinical Nurse Leads that have successfully been through the CQC registration hundreds of times, we have an in-depth and clinical knowledge of the process that greatly benefits every healthcare provider we work alongside. It is no surprise then that we are incredibly effective in supporting clients in the CQC registration process.

“We wouldn’t be nearly as successful without the tireless effort our of Registrations team, each of whom dedicate an incredible amount of time and passion into each aspect of the Registrations process. One small example would be the team members who worked with a client while they were on Annual Leave over the Christmas period to ensure a successful submission of the client’s registration to the CQC.”

At Care 4 Quality., we are dedicated to making sure that each provider we work with is successfully registered, with our team going the extra mile to ensure that every detail of a client’s registration is completed to the incredibly high-standard required by the Care Quality Commission. In addition, we are passionate about providing training and support in preparation for the CQC interviews, which is a key part of the CQC registration process. Our team call upon their experience as former CQC inspectors to ensure that each client is thoroughly prepared for this interview and understands their long-term responsibilities to the Care Quality Commission.

“While supporting with the CQC documentation, information, application forms and checks is an incredibly important aspect of our process – we are also incredibly passionate about imparting our knowledge and experience of the CQC framework. As a team with decades of collective CQC and sector experience, we know how important it is for healthcare providers to understand their responsibilities to the CQC, which is why we provide coaching and mentoring throughout the registration process to develop their understanding of the Care Quality Commission.”

What About Support After CQC Registration?

A successful CQC registration is incredibly difficult to accomplish and if achieved, it is a significant achievement. However, it is important to remember that becoming CQC registered is only the first step on an exciting journey into delivering regulated healthcare services.

Remaining compliant with the Care Quality Commission is not easy, and the road to becoming an ‘Outstanding’ provider is even more difficult.

Our team provides long-term support in multiple areas to ensure that healthcare providers receive the hands-on support, advice and guidance required to excel. These areas include:

To find out more about our registrations service, or the other service packages available at Care 4 Quality., contact us today via phone 01244 445025 or email [email protected]

CQC Registration Facts

  • There are currently 50,748 health and social care providers registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), according to the Care Quality Commission’s January report.
  • The sector with the most registered providers is dentistry, with 11,014 in total. This is followed by residential homes, where there are 10,819 organisations currently registered.
  • See a sector-by-sector breakdown of the number of registered providers, as of the report:
Service type Number CQC registered
Dentist 11,014
Residential homes 10,819
Homecare agenices 10,607
Doctors/ GP’s 7752
Nursing homes 4220
Hopsital 1568
Diagnosis/ Screening 1120
Community Services 988
Clinic (all types) 687
Supported living 645
Ambulance 311
Supported housing 222
Rehabilitation 207
Hospice 201
Prison healthcare 126
Shared lives 101
Phone/ online advice 47
Urgent care centres 42
Blood and transplant service 29
Home hospice care 20
Education disability services 14


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