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CQC – What’s changing & When

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1 August 2023

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What’s changing and when in 2023?

CQC has provided a recent update about the upcoming changes to both the Provider Portal and the New Regulatory Approach;

Provider portal

‘In August, we’ll invite the first group of health and social care providers to log onto a new provider portal. They’ll be able to explore its functionality as part of a new and updated range of digital services that make it easier to interact with us.

We’ll roll out the new portal to all providers in phases from September. Each provider will be invited onto the portal with their login details and guidance on how to use it.

Getting our digital services right is important to us. We want to streamline how we collect data to support our new approach to regulation, as this will help us assess in a smarter, more consistent way. The new portal plays a large part in helping to make that a reality and will make it easier for providers to share information with us.’

New regulatory approach

‘In November, we will start to use our new assessment framework. This will be rolled out regionally, starting with providers in the South of England. Any assessments from November onwards for providers in the South will be carried out using the new assessment framework. We’ll still schedule assessments by considering the level of risk, so not all providers will need to have an immediate assessment.

In other regions, we will continue to use our current assessment framework for now. The new assessment framework will be rolled out to other regions by the end of March 2024, and we will provide further updates as each region moves over to using the new framework.’

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