This Infection Control Audit Tool is designed to support you in considering issues within the environment of your service.

The Audit should be completed in line with your own audit schedule and if there is an outbreak of infection at your service.

The audits should be filed in chronological order with the most recent at the top, all dated so with the last Audit and the relevant Action Plan for that Audit placed at the front of the file.

The Audit Tool focuses on 8 Domains. The domains are appropriate for Nursing, Residential Services and Supported Living Services, however not all services will be able to complete all of the indicators within each domain, therefore where an indicator does not apply the N/A box should be ticked.

The ‘Overall Scoring’ at the end of the Domain should be calculated against the amount of ‘YES’ ticks which have been achieved. The ‘Potential Total’ should be completed for questions that you feel are appropriate for your service – i.e. the Potential Total is equal to the number of indicators that you have answered ‘YES or NO’ to. You will then need to calculate a percentage score for each Domain by using the following formula:

Percentage (Overall scoring divided by Potential Total x 100) =  %

The individual Domain scores can then be entered onto the table at the bottom of the Audit Tool, this will indicate where an Action Plan is needed and what areas to focus on.  An Action Plan should be completed for each “No” answer – the Action Plan Tool should be used and it should be stated clearly on this who the responsible person is and when the task will be completed.