This huge bundle of documents (30 items included), toolkits, trackers, audits and checklists will support in your governance processes.

In developing the governance bundle we really took into account the key aspects of the managers role and guidance that is set out in the Key Lines of Enquiry and are underpinned by the Health and Social Care Act.   With the focus on Regulation 17 – Good Governance we have built a bundle to support managers in achieving the key points of the regulation.

The regulation states that ‘Providers must have effective governance, including assurance and auditing systems or processes.’  To achieve this, we have provided audits and trackers.


  • Activity Based
  • Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Falls Analysis Data Graph Spreadsheet
  • Infection Control
  • Laundry and Linen Spot Check
  • Managers Daily Walkround
  • Mealtimes Observational Audit
  • Staff File

All of which is guided by the audit schedule, which is enclosed, for care homes or home care services.


  • Accident and Incident Tracker
  • Complaints Tracker
  • Notification Tracker
  • Safeguarding

The Regulation also states that ‘Providers must seek and act on feedback from people using the service, so that they can continually evaluate the service and drive improvement.’  To achieve this, we have provided surveys and tools for observation:

  • Dementia Friendly Survey
  • Dining with Dignity Tool
  • Service user Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • Visiting Professionals Survey
  • You said we did template

Having clear policies and procedures underpins the work being carried out and therefore we have provided several documents to support this:

  • Good Governance Policy
  • Schedule 3 Staff File Information
  • Whistleblowing Policy – Easy Read

We are also aware of current best practice and trends and have therefore added some key documents for your service:

  • Accessible Information Standard (AIS) form
  • Communication Book AIS

To ensure progression within the service we have provided you with an Action Plan which can be updated with the outcomes from the audits, feedback and observations and reviewed at the governance meeting.  Guidance on this is provided through the weekly governance template which is included.

The documents link to what learning was taken from your findings which clearly links to Regulation 17, in ensuring progression, sustainability and learning within the service.  This bundle will give you the tools you need to embed the practice set out in the Good Governance Policy.