This printable tool contains guidance for a variety of areas as well clear instructions on how to manage visits in this transitional period. 

There are flow charts to follow, prompts for further information capture and a place for collecting consent relating to information collection for track and trace. It is important that people visiting the service complete these forms and sign the declaration to make sure they agree for their information to be shared.

Easing of restrictions –  Opening for Relatives and Friends

As we move forward we need to begin the process of opening up care homes again to visitors. This means making plans towards achieving the balance between emotional harm caused by not seeing family and friends and physical harm which could be caused by contraction of illness during a pandemic.

Allowing the doors to be reopened to visitors is all about risk management. We now know that when social distancing and infection control measures are implemented well, the risk of the virus being transmitted is low.

Gradual increase in contact is what will slowly get us back to a more normal way of being. This is a starting point and the beginning of a move forward from what may feel to many like very ‘tough rules’. It is also important to be able to have a clear system in place to track visitors in to the service and to have a robust surveillance process in place to identify any high risk visitors or to be able to trace visitors who have been at the service.

We truly recognise the need for families to experience quality time and create meaningful connections and create lasting memories together. This is part of our road map to get the important moments back in to all our lives.

The measures that need to be implemented are focused on ensuring we do not contribute to the ‘R’ rate rising in the home or in the community, as well as keeping as many people safe as possible as we move forward.

For full details and to begin using this tool please download and print once recieved.