This Agency Risk, Continuity and Management Plan has been designed to allow the Provider to comply with and provide assurance to Regulation 18 (Staffing) and Regulation 19 (Fit and Proper Persons Employed) of the Health and Social Care Act (2008) Regulated Activities Regulations (2014) in respect to suitably qualified Agency Staff working within the service and delivering regulated activities to vulnerable adults.


This will cover action and requirements in general areas such as

  • Fire safety
  • Health and safety / PPE
  • Gas safety
  • Water supply
  • Fixed electrics
  • Documentation
  • Emergency procedures
  • Use of telephones
  • Photography


And resident specific areas such as:

  • Delivery of Personal Care to Residents
  • Administration of Medication
  • Access to Residents Finances
  • Adult Safeguarding


As well as an agency staff checklist to ensure policies and procedures are followed.