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This workshop can be delivered remotely in a half day via teams or in person at your service alongside another training course

Inspections can be challenging in differing ways for Providers, Managers, Staff and residents.  However, there are ways to help make times of inspection an opportunity to demonstrate to the regulator how you are meeting the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE’s). By sharing knowledge and experience you will be leaving this course with clear ways to prepare, manage and respond to CQC inspections. We will look at ways to showcase your service, techniques for managing inspections that do not go as well as hoped as well as practical advice and support. We will refer to the Inspectors Handbook so that Providers can gain awareness of the due process that inspectors must follow. We will explore the different types of inspections that can take place and how these may be prompted.  When Providers feel that there is a legitimate complaint to be made, we look at ways in which this process can be done in a constructive and coherent way.

We also touch upon PIR, Notices from CQC, FAC, Rating Reviews and warning notices. There will be availability on the day to speak with C4Q enforcement/regulation experts.

  • Explore Regulation and Key Lines of Enquiry and how to provide evidence to support their implementation.
  • Identify the different types of inspections and the situations that may trigger different inspection methods.
  • Review of the PIR process and the recent changes. We will identify the information required in order to complete the Annual PIR request.
  • Examine the CQC challenge and rating review processes and framework. We will look at how to proactively prepare and respond to CQC.
  • Practically carry out a ratings judgement exercise in preparation for your CQC Inspection. This will enable delegates to create real areas of focus within their service.
  • Gain knowledge on how to support and prepare staff for CQC inspections. What steps to take following an inspection to support a reflective practice approach.
  • Recognise different types of CQC inspection visits and who might be involved.
  • Develop ways in which the care service can proactively manage and engage in their own inspection process. Providing the best opportunity to showcase their service.
  • Explore the importance of obtaining feedback from the inspector and how to respond to poor inspection experiences in a timely manner.
  • Reflect on the inspection process with the staff team, identifying and cascading joint learning, considering opportunities for future ways of working.


These courses are charged at £395 for a half day remote workshop of £986 for a full day in person training session at your service.

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