CQC are currently carrying out inspections that specifically target the infection control practices (S5) and arrangements within your service.  8 different areas of practice are being inspected as part of the CQC’s inspections and will result in a rating judgment being awarded in each area. These ratings are either  ‘Assured, Somewhat Assured, Not Assured’.

This mock inspection workbook and audit tool will allow you to effectively ‘self-audit’ contains relevant questions, prompts, and additional questions to help you carry out your own Mock Infection Control Audit. The Audit tool can be used as a regular audit or as a one-off mock inspection. The audit also contains all the web links that you need so that the most appropriate and up to date guidance can be accessed during the completion of the mock inspection.

Key Areas of audit;

  1. Are all types of visitors prevented from catching and spreading infection?
  2. Are shielding and social distancing rules complied with?
  3. Are people admitted into the service safely?
  4. Does the service use PPE effectively to safeguard staff and people using services?
  5. Is there adequate access to and take-up of testing for staff and people using services?
  6. Does the layout of premises, use of space and hygiene practice promote safety?
  7. Do staff training, practices and deployment show the service can prevent transmission of infection and/or manage outbreaks?
  8. Is IPC policy up to date and implemented effectively to prevent and control infection?