We are near completion of our new suite of Clinical Policies & Procedures. The policies we have developed cover the

Clinical Policy & Procedures List

Compression hosiery
Blood Pressure
Colostomy & Stoma Care
Bowel management
Gastrostomy or Jejunostomy Tube Feeding
Nasogastric Tube Feeding
Diabetes Care including Blood Glucose Monitoring, Insulin Administration covering Subcutaneous Injection, Insulin Pen Use, Insulin Pump Therapy
Urine Testing
Pressure care covering, assessment, Treatment of Stage I, II, III & IV & DTI and Unstageable, aseptic techniques
Removal of Skin Staple or Clip, Removal of Suture
Measurement of Oxygen Saturation Using Pulse Oximetry
Respiratory Care – Asthma, COPD and other Respiratory Illnesses. Support with use of Inhalers and nebulisers including peak flow metre
Oxygen Administration Use
Sputum Specimen Collection
Tracheal Suctioning & care
Prosthesis Donn/Doff & Amputee Skin Care
Cast Care
Catheter Insertion Procedures (male and female) & Care including Bladder Irrigation, supra pubic catheter, bladder irrigation/management plan.
Specimen Collection
Management of Seizures
Taking a Temperature: Axillary, Oral, Rectal
Buccal midazolam administration
Verification of death
Syringe driver
Sub cut and IM injections


Each policy & procedure will be sent in an editable WORD format so that you can personalise and adapt to make sure that it reflects the practice and process within your service.

The full Clinical policy and procedure suite will be available for sale in the E-Shop for an introductory price of £279 for 1 month, after that the full retail price will be £349